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  1. Mechjo16

    40+ Shohei Ohtani cards For Trade

    Hi Larry I could use these 2019 GQ Purple 2020 SC Red 2020 Fire minted pp1 Might be long shot 2021 Topps 52 Redux Red Chrome Refractor #TC52-43 Shohei Ohtani [58/70] ($50)
  2. Mechjo16

    WTTF 2022 Topps Archives Baseball

    Hi Mike, Got 12 more for you. I can use the Betts post card. Will take pretty much anything for them though.
  3. Mechjo16

    2022 Topps Archives Blaster

    1 2022 Archives Blaster from the canceled Break Some nice inserts. Griffey made an appearance. Foils 88BF-12 Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners 88BF-18 Mark McGwire A's 88BF-26 Nolan Arenado Cardinals Postcard PC-10 Juan Soto
  4. Mechjo16

    SCC Group Break Hits Hall of Fame

    Really nice card there. Very appealing! Congrats @Criollos
  5. ED58EC6A-CE24-4383-9AA3-B6221C5877A8.jpeg


  6. Mechjo16

    **$35** To Go- Auction Group Break Blaster Style - 2023 Topps S1/Capstone/Stadium Club/Mystery

    Hello Squad! I present another blaster group break for the members that are balling on a budget 🙂. With that being said, anybody interested in trying a TEAM AUCTION STYLE group box break for for ONE BLASTER BOX of 2023 Topps Series One, ONE BLASTER BOX OF 2022 Panini Capstone, ONE BLASTER BOX...
  7. Mechjo16

    *2022 Bowman's Best Added 3/25* - Also 2022 Topps X Collabs, 2023 Topps Series 1 & 2023 Topps 1st Edition For Trade

    Hi Ryan, I can use this 2022 Bowman's Best Refractors 7 Spencer Torkelson RC Site is updated Also have these 2022 Topps gold label black borders Black Class 1 15 Jarren Duran - Red Sox...