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  1. J

    2 Carters I didn't have??????

    That six star sig is SICK!
  2. J

    Tonight's Rippage

  3. J

    No more Topps football
  4. J

    Free BV pricing

    LOVE that site. Here are my stats General Account Info Items in Inventory 945 Total Book Value $7,116.60 Items w/o Book Price 16 Total Asking Price $2,620.43 Items w/o Asking Price 6 Items Not for Sale 333 Items Ready to Ship 316 Total Sales $833.82 Items Sold 167 Items Purchased 595...
  5. J

    UNBELIEVABLE Leaf Limited break!!!!!!!!

    Why do they still make jersey cards of people like that. Reggie Brown?
  6. J

    1 Pack of 2009 Leaf Limited

    this....and nice pull, you know I can appreciate that beauty.:cheers:
  7. J

    In honor of Salter Day, post some of your favorite freebies you've gotten

    I picked a great time to check the forum again! Well I just realized my favorite freebie isn't even in my photobucket right now:ban: Dave(Northcutt homo) sent me a red ink Press Pass Jackson Vroman I had never seen. I didn't get a whole lot of freebies and didn't send out that many either but...
  8. J

    Madden online franchise is live!

    I'll get in. I'll take the colts.
  9. J

    some guy went on a Mike Bell buying spree today

    Intrigued...I found this: Drew Brees calls backup RB Mike Bell possibly the MVP of Saints training camp. We're trying not to go overboard on the Mike Bell hype because Pierre Thomas is entrenched and the preseason stats are overblown. Still, he's earned a look as a late-round flier, especially...
  10. J

    UFC eTopps finally released

    does that really surprise you?
  11. J

    Anyone else using Microsoft Bing Cashback?

    Yeah I used it to buy and resell a case of 2008 topps chrome FB:D
  12. J

    emailing for verification

    Post the email please. I would like to read the details on it. Might have to become a "new" seller and open a new account.
  13. J

    more listings

    Why on earth did you sell this mr. lsu man?
  14. J

    Madden10 for 360

    I'll take the 49ers.
  15. J

    Group PSA Submission.

    Got two Cal ripken rc's that are BGS I want crossed over. Should I crack them or just send them as is?
  16. J

    Has anyone seen Ben Roethlisberger recently?

    Exactly, he has always looked like that or close IMO.To much :drink:
  17. J

    Anyone need any rookies

    What Iverson, KG, and Hill's do you have?