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  1. pojokers

    Magic: The Gathering & Yu-Gi-Oh

    I have a ton of Yugioh cards. Probably upwards to 1000 and most are close to mint or mint. I got a good 950 of them from a kid at a yard sale selling them all for $30. I can only assume I'll make a ton more than that.
  2. pojokers

    Another Laugh Of Day

    Wow, that's a little creepy but funny. I'm pretty sure I'd be taken back by that too.
  3. pojokers

    Hockey Retired NHL Star Mike Modano Gets Remarried

    Good for Modano, I wish them the best. She's really young but I'm sure he knows what he's doing.
  4. pojokers

    Tim Tebow to sign with L.A. KISS?

    This would be a great grab for the Arena Football League. For Tebow I don't think so. He still has a chance in the NFL I think.
  5. pojokers

    Basketball Carmelo Anthony Isn't Considering Leaving Knicks

    I can see him staying with the Knicks. I think it's a smart move and he's become relevant again because of it. As far as being a Knick for the rest of his career? I'm not sure. It's likely though, he likes New York.
  6. pojokers

    Football ITS THAT TIME ....

    I love this time of year... football, the holidays, winter. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Let's go GIANTS!
  7. pojokers

    Basketball The continuing saga of Kobe VS Mom and Dad

    Well said. I feel like if you have so much potentially valuable stuff that you'd claim it and store it in your own home. This shouldn't have gotten to this level period.
  8. pojokers

    To Tebow or not to Tebow?

    I agree. Tebow's name is always in the sports news and he's established a lot of permanent fans. I'd hold on to them, you could make it big if Tebow makes a comeback. I think he's too popular right now.
  9. pojokers

    Where do you store, protect, and display your cards?

    HA it's funny that my methods have caused such a stir. Sure, it seems a little obsessive but I actually only do it for organizational reasons. The big safe that I have has two shelves and the smaller safe that I have happens to fit on the bottom shelf perfectly. I don't know, it just looks more...
  10. pojokers

    Adam Scott Wins The Barclays

    I actually watched this and I usually don't watch golf often. It was a good, competitive game. Scott, Woods and Woodland played exceptional. I feel bad for Chappell though, he just fell apart in the end.
  11. pojokers

    Basketball Allen... who? to announce his retirement

    Allen Iverson was a legend but now after a few money problems and dumb comments like the one you mentioned has tarnished his reputation. I think some athletes more than others need to take interview lessons and learn how to speak. Anyone who has would know not to say something like that. All...
  12. pojokers

    Hockey Gretzky Signs a New Deal with Upper Deck

    I don't know how I feel about this. Upper Deck must've offered a ton to get his loyalty. As far as I'm concerned it seems like he's going to be exclusive to Upper Deck.
  13. pojokers

    Gretzky's Daughter Engaged To PGA Star Dustin Johnson

    Wow that didn't take long. I guess if they're really in love than who am I to say this is a little soon. Good for them and it's nice to see hockey and golf uniting... in a way.
  14. pojokers

    A-Rod ... Who is at fault?

    Oh boy. Things are getting more and more unfavorable for him. This is a bad move for him and says a lot about how desperate he's gotten. I just hope he straightens out and gives into the consequences of his actions.
  15. pojokers

    Laugh Of The Day

    That's pretty good. It kind of hurts too, good thing we're collectors and not just pure salesmen.
  16. pojokers

    Racing Montoya may be back to IndyCar

    Seeing Montoya in Indy car is a wise move. It wouldn't be hard for him to find a sponsor either. I think his driving style will eventually clean up, but then again some drivers just have a signature personality.
  17. pojokers

    Baseball Baseball Humor (Sorry Cub Fans!)

    Hahaha, that's a classic. I almost feel bad for Cub fans but at this point it should be good fun. I want to shake Steve Bartman's hand for keeping the jokes alive.
  18. pojokers

    Racing Logano Gets First Win of 2013 at MIS

    That's an interesting win. Ford coming through in a big way. Nice to see someone besides Johnson, although he's still in good shape.
  19. pojokers

    Basketball 76ers Owner Josh Harris Buys the NJ Devils

    Wow he must be making some serious money to make this move. It makes sense and is pretty wise. Going to be interesting how this works out for him. I bet he's going to be getting a lot more press than what he usually does.
  20. pojokers

    Feeling Bad for Jerry Remy

    You're right but at the same time he's his own man. Jerry Remy Sr is too old and has done too much to be stressed with the media as well as his son. It's sad that the media never gives up the chance to drag them through the dirt whenever possible.