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    Mail Day Big mail day for the rainbow/PC. 2022 Series 2 Frankie Montas Platinum 1/1!

    Forgot to post this here, but I got this in last week. Big addition for the rainbow chase and first non printing plate 1/1 in my PC for a 2022 card. Also nice that I got it in before he gets traded lol Check my sig for want lists, if anyone pulls a random A's parallel it may be on my want list!
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    Mail Day Jed Lowrie Superfractor Mail Day + Rainbow Progress

    I'll probably keep this thread updated if anyone's interested in random Oakland A's rainbows lol. Just got the Jed Lowrie superfractor in yesterday for the 2nd 1/1 knocked out in that rainbow. Link to my needs list in signature.
  3. Z

    Buying LF - Oakland A's Rainbow Needs 2020-2022 (Manaea/Montas/Lowrie/Pinder/Braden)

    2020 Stadium Club - Sean Manaea CARD 78 Photographer’s Proof Gold Rainbow Foilboard - 1/1 (Hobby only) 2020 Stadium Club Chrome - Sean Manaea CARD 78 Red Refractor - #/5 2021 Stadium Club - Frankie Montas CARD 106 First Day Issue (10 copies) Gold Rainbow Foil - 1/1 (Hobby only) 2021...