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    Hello, I am Charles

    im a non sport collector and I love artistic sketches
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    What would be a non Fire sale price on this set???

    Bud , ill give you an opinion that set, heavy on HOfers but a non descript rookie class will be undervalued. Its on card and gorgeous where else are you going to get autos of the gloved one michael jackson "he he he" Touchdown tommy vardell! A Jason Garrett as the QB of the Boys instead of...
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    What would be a non Fire sale price on this set???

    $600 and you will get a 1099
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    Looking For Ondrej Palat and Tyler Johnson

    IM PRETTY SURE I GOT A RC OF PALAT just dont remember if it was trilogy, spa or spgu
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    New here! Complete Trade List Included. Autos, RCs Game used etc!

    i see that espo auto from donruss sports legends did you buy this product? if so im looking for the inserts from this product
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    Selling Some new items FS /FT

    id have great interest in the jaden schwartz if we can work out a trade
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    Basketball rare stuff high end

    Id be interested in the Russell not sure if I have any high end pokemon although my daughters each have huge collections If you tell me what you are looking for Id be glad to search
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    2015 Americana has released

    i personally feel this product has NO appeal for me I dont like rap music and the hits Ive seen have been predominantly that. autos of Rap performers :(
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    3 more ITG Superlative boxes

    did you see they announced ultimate vault for end of may!!
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    3 more ITG Superlative boxes

    that cup final card is stunning!
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    Mail Day Just in time for masters weekend

    just a sticker im sure looking at thge card construction
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    Mail Day Just in time for masters weekend

    Big E
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    ITG Vault 6 pack

    where are the other 3?
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    My BGS Thread! Old Stuff, Makin the Grade!!

    nice skylar pc ypu got going there
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    ITG Vault 6 pack

    killed it he did
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    itg superlative vault

    good luck bud, stuff is drying up quick, shawn says there is none on dealer net .. :( yea lets do some swapping haven't traded with you in forever
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    itg superlative vault

    its an ITG clear out o the customer service vault. the end of ITG and dr price as we once knew it!
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    itg superlative vault

    multi player or multi pieces/patches
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    itg superlative vault

    more gu