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  1. kpit1978

    Baseball CLOSED! 2022 Topps Series Two JUMBO Box 1 Auto 2 Relic Plus

    Bump $3 Angels & Mariners. $2 for Rays.
  2. kpit1978

    Locked - Auction style group break - Blaster Style - 2022 Bowman Mega, Gypsy Queen Blaster, Diamond Kings Blaster

    $1 bump for the following: Yankees Angels Mariners Reds Jays
  3. kpit1978

    Favorite PC Card Thread!

    An old group break pull from Chris P. Some white spots along the edges but it came out of the box that way.
  4. kpit1978

    Canceled! 2022 Panini Diamond Kings 12 Hobby Box Team Auction Style Group Case Break

    I don't see anything lower than $20 for the last break so let's bump the Yankees and Rays to $40 and the rest of the teams to $15.
  5. kpit1978

    Break Complete! SCC Baseball Group Break Club - June 2022

    ...but I gotta say Mike and John better keep my Tigers name outta their mouths...too soon?
  6. kpit1978

    Break Complete! 2022 Donruss Baseball Hobby Box Pick Your Team Style Group Box Break!

    Thanks for the break Mike. I agree with liking the Donruss, the "hits" aren't always the nicest cards in the box.
  7. kpit1978

    Break Complete! SCC Baseball Group Break Club - June 2022

    I'm interested in the Padres as well.
  8. kpit1978

    Break Complete! 2022 Panini Diamond Kings Random Teams Style Group Box Break

    Normally I would be quite happy to have gotten Atlanta...I'm just not sure if there's any Braves hits left after Pavi39 killed it in the monthly break.