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  1. Cano Collector

    Is 09 Topps on the OPG yet?

    I have a chance to pick up a few items for freebies to send a few people. I just want to know what to give up for them. They are the Commemorative patch things in the retail blasters of 09 Topps Football
  2. Cano Collector

    had to list a few things. We went to the Dr. the other day for my son to have a Check Up on his Perthes Disease. Well, we got some not too great news. While the right leg is nearing the end of the deteriation process so it can heal and...
  3. Cano Collector

    Listed some Bengals including Chad Johnson 1/1's Just wanted to let somne of the Bengals collectors here know
  4. Cano Collector

    Krenzel, Rasmus and other autos CHEAP!!

    Cardboard Heroes is having a HUGE blowout of 8X10 autos, baseballs and mini helmets. 8X10 range from $.95 and up. They have a Colby Rasmus auto baseball for less than $20 and he has a shot at ROY! Use cupon code ch10 when checking out for 10%...
  5. Cano Collector

    Donruss replacements

    Well, I got another card I had a redemption for replaced and got this: I got this for my Mike Furrey Mirror Black 1/1 auto: This is a GREAT replacement for me as the rep must have remembered me saying I am a Bengals fan, but at the same time it kinda makes me think. I got a 2008...
  6. Cano Collector

    (MMA) TAPOUT Founder MASK was killed in a car accident Sad news. I loved watching their show on VS
  7. Cano Collector

    Some National Treasures and SPA Pulls

    Got these last month in CBUS when I hit the Show with Dustin SPA 1st The HITS Now the NT Only 1 box there so I spent some of the Income Tax on it. I am glad I did too! Dustin got the Ozzie Newsome College patch auto for his PC. Never knew he didn't have a Newsome...
  8. Cano Collector

    Bad news from Donruss

    I sent in my 07 LCM mirror Black Mike Furrey Mirror Black Auto Redemption a while back. I called today to check on it because I KNOW Furrey has signed stickers for them. I talked to the Donruss Rep and after a 5 minute hold was told that when they printed the 07 LCM black cards about 1/2 were...
  9. Cano Collector

    HUGE THANKS to our Canuck Kelly

    Kelly sent me a sweet freebie package the other day and I wanted to say THANKS and share with the rest. Here are the ones I haven't scanned yet 08 Topps Chrome Housh Bronze refractor #/425 Jerome Simpson LCM Freshman Fabrics Jumbo jersey #/599 Leon Hall Trilogy RC #/399 And these...
  10. Cano Collector

    I got hit...

    With a layoff. They terminated 23% of our company's employees last Friday including some there for 18+ years Nothing on my end Monday, but at the end of my shift on Tuesday I got axed too. This damned economy has to change somehow. I am still in shock. Now I have to file for unemployment...
  11. Cano Collector

    Price check

    Can someone LMK the BV on a 1991 Action Packed Rookies and Update Brett Favre RC?
  12. Cano Collector

    Just 2

    But at least they are nice ones #/5 #/10
  13. Cano Collector

    Few weeks mail..LOTSA 1/1

    #/25 #/25 From Group Buy This leaves just the letter "A" for the name #/25 My 1st Squiz
  14. Cano Collector

    what wii games can I play online?

    Just curious what to get next.
  15. Cano Collector

    Forget who the Rattay collector is, but found this
  16. Cano Collector

    2008 Topps Letterman

    I pre-ordered a box a while back and decided to open it when it arrived the other day. I didn't do horrible. I got a Fitzgerald and Marcus Smith (Ravens RC) refractors #/99 Marcus Smith and Jordy Nelson RCs #/419 and these: #/35 #/75 and this: #2/3 Bottom right...
  17. Cano Collector

    FATHEAD 2 for $33 sale It has their top 16 on there and they are $33 each but there is a buy 1 get 1 free deal so you get 2 for $33 They added a few new ones since they only have 100 of each available. Keep checking back if there is something you...
  18. Cano Collector

    Anyone seen a Leon Hall LCM Mirror Red anywhere yet?

    I still need it to finish the Master Set and haven't seen one. Since the forum for Most Wanted is gone, I guess I have to ask here now.
  19. Cano Collector

    2 Master Sets completed and more PC!!

    #/25 I think this makes 4 Time to find the A and another L :doh: 1/1 Then on to the finishing touches I finally got this in Wich completes this: :dance: Then came this: Wich completes this: :dance: Now if I can just find the damned Leon Hall LCM...
  20. Cano Collector

    Anyone going to open any of the Topps Lettermen Football when it comes out?

    Juat wondering what people's thoughts are.