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    Peyton Manning for trade. Looking for Joe Burrow Rc's

    Have Peyton Manning cards. Looking to trade for Joe Burrow.
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    WTT: Peyton Manning Rc's

    I have graded & ungreaded Peyton Manning Rc's to trade. Looking for Joe Burrow & Big Ben Rc's Rich
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    For Trade

    Have a 1959 Topps graded Psa 3.5 Hank Aaron. Looking for Dirk N. in basketball. Rich
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    Buying 1992 SCORE

    I was going thru my closet and found some unfinished sets, so I thought I would finish them. Need: 116, 255, 328
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    1993 UD to fill sets

    Have many 93 UD to fill sets. No jeter. Richie
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    Looking for Big Ben in foo
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    Trading card sites

    Anyone have links to different sites. Not much going on here.
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    New member

    Hi, My name is Richie. I started collecting sports cards in 1985,quit in 2005 and just started again. looking to buy or trade cards to finish off some uncompleted sets.
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    Looking for 1998 finest football

    Looking for these cards to finish off this set: 163,167,178,185,186,195,221,222,226,232,235260,265,269.
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    New to site

    Hi everyone. My name is Richie. I found this site after searching web sites and this site looked good for my needs which trading of cards to finish sets. I started collecting in the late 80's and continued till about 2o005. I just decided to get involved in it again and I am trying to finish...