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  1. Cano Collector

    Looking for Matt Luke! (check your mid-1990's commons bin!)

    I will check my Clippers sets and see if I have the one you need. Matt used to walk to the plate to Star Wars Music. It was the Darth Vader Death March Music you always heard. And he was really friggin tall too but a nice guy. I probably have some autos I got of him from the Clippers games too.
  2. Cano Collector

    Is 09 Topps on the OPG yet?

    I have a chance to pick up a few items for freebies to send a few people. I just want to know what to give up for them. They are the Commemorative patch things in the retail blasters of 09 Topps Football
  3. Cano Collector

    had to list a few things. We went to the Dr. the other day for my son to have a Check Up on his Perthes Disease. Well, we got some not too great news. While the right leg is nearing the end of the deteriation process so it can heal and...
  4. Cano Collector

    1/1 retail mojo

    That's pretty cool! OT- there is a Steve Smith 1/1 from NT on eBay
  5. Cano Collector

    new eTopps 'random' bonus

    Yeah, Grienke was a little over $12 before this so I figure it will head back to that or a little more but no tthe current price
  6. Cano Collector

    new eTopps 'random' bonus

    Reward points, a qualifying 2008 or 2009 eTopps Baseball card must be in your online portfolio as of 11:59 AM (ET) on June 3, 2009. eTopps Daily Jackpot Reward Points will be awarded within one week of the featured date. You have until 11:59 EST tomorrow to get the card to get the whole 20...
  7. Cano Collector

    new eTopps 'random' bonus

    Yeah, I knew that. Do you see the prices now after he got the 14K?
  8. Cano Collector

    new eTopps 'random' bonus

    Halladay got 13 so that is 20 pts/card tonight. That bit Topps in the ass
  9. Cano Collector

    new eTopps 'random' bonus

    Yeah, I don't see why people went nuts on older ones because of a 1 night possibility, but o-well. Only the Halladay seems a good care to keep with the Wild Card thing
  10. Cano Collector

    new eTopps 'random' bonus

    Porcello left the game already and only had 2 so he is out of it
  11. Cano Collector

    new eTopps 'random' bonus

    What is Halladay at now Jason?
  12. Cano Collector

    09 Goudey Baseball

    CJ for the buyback?
  13. Cano Collector

    is there a way to tell...

    Yep, they are all signed on the back and there is an embossed seal on the card as well
  14. Cano Collector

    Question On Screw Down Case Size

    I put mine in a normal team bag and just not seal them up. It serves the same purpose for storing
  15. Cano Collector

    One Card Etopps Autograph Mailday

    MAYBE Kershaw signed Bruce's name. Ever think of that? :doh:
  16. Cano Collector

    Things that Lonnie hates: Twitter

    I laughed so hard I think I twittered myself! :lol:
  17. Cano Collector

    my friend gave me his collection.

    I remember those. Especially the candy canes. they had an auto in them and I had like 10 Chipper Jones autos. Then they had those auto baseballs too and I got some REALLY nice stuff from them. Those were the days. I still have the Collector's Choice Crash the Game or whatever gold set...
  18. Cano Collector

    welcome this guy to ebay

    Man, I could use that Beanie Wells for a Father's day gift for my dad. Care if I bid on it Jason?
  19. Cano Collector


    That's standard. They do it to make sure you don't get rabies and to make sure the dog doesn't bite someone else during the time. Hope you get to feeling better Lisa. Congrats on the potential new relationship!