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  1. Taliasen

    White whale (wolf) card located!

    OMG!!! One of the 3 'white whale' wolf cards I have been looking for since I started collecting wolf cards surfaced! My family does not get card collecting but I had to share this with other collectors who will appreciate it! While not a insanely valuable card, this has been incredibly rare...
  2. Taliasen

    My PC Vintage NON-sport cards subject pictorial and history series.

    So 'shelter-in-place" has given me opportunity to resurrect this series. It might not get many view with the sparse few members we have here, but writing these posts is a way to help me reconnect with and remember why I collect what I collect. Plus I also feel that I am sharing my knowledge...
  3. Taliasen

    2020 Heritage FT

    Any Rickey Henderson?
  4. Taliasen

    Transaction Manager Updates

    Woohoo! Way for me to be the example!
  5. Taliasen


    Thanks for the pics! These appear to be after market stamped 1/1 cards. Probably at The National card show or some other major event where the card manufacturers attended. Beckett does not list ANY official 1/1 Henderson cards in the Fleer Milestone set and the only official 1/1 Henderson cards...
  6. Taliasen

    Looking for wolf cards

    I am collecting non-sport wolf cards. I have quite a few vintage cigarette/tobacco cards and always looking to add more! Please let me know what you have available! Some examples of what I have already and what I am looking for.
  7. Taliasen

    Transaction Manager Updates

    Cool, although I do not see how to create a new transaction/trade? Next we need to work on importing SCF eBay and other feedback.
  8. Taliasen


    No pics? Broken link? What are you looking to trade for? Would you sell? I ONLY have baseball to trade.
  9. Taliasen

    Football NFL Free Agency

    Brady officially leaving New England.
  10. Taliasen

    Post and Win II

    I still need to send you the stack of cards I have for prizes.
  11. Taliasen


    2 Rickey Henderson 1/1 cards!?!?!? I am very interested!!!
  12. Taliasen

    Post and Win II

    I am in but only basketball cards as prizes?
  13. Taliasen

    What is your White Whale

    1993 Finest Rickey Henderson REFRACTOR - $$$$$ Interestingly I own several cards FAR scarcer and rarer and significantly cheaper than this This card has a print run of 241 which is a HUGE print run by today's standards. Yet this card is stupid expensive.
  14. Taliasen

    Coronavirus Infecting Sports Now?!

    Let’s be real for a sec. if we should “panic buy” anything, at least get stuff that is really important. Cigarettes and condoms. I mean I can’t be the only person that has watched zombie movies to see how things start and what the real currency will be.
  15. Taliasen

    How do you count your cards?

    For anyone else as weird as me, if you keep track of your total cards owned of a certain player, do you count against the total number of BECKETT RECOGNIZED cards? For example see my sig. Do you say you have XXX/XXXX cards? Total cards? Minus 1/1 cards? Or do you just count count total...
  16. Taliasen

    Coronavirus Infecting Sports Now?!

    Half joking... my top two voting choices yesterday and this November. Bacon:Taco 2020 Make America Happy again and
  17. Taliasen

    In Accordance With The Prophecy

    too soon? ...and with the breaking of the 3rd seal famine and plagues shalt sweep over the earth, in accordance with the prophecy.
  18. Taliasen

    2020 Donruss Baseball FT

    Do you have any 2020 Donruss Rickey Henderson?
  19. Taliasen

    Best eBay Description Ever!

    Wasn't an eBay auction, but I once "won" a contest/trade for my vintage air guitar based on the description ...only used 4 times at a Journey, Styx, Asia, Night Ranger concerts, hard to tune, a little flat. had free shipping. I got a really nice $80 pocket knife for my vintage air guitar...
  20. Taliasen

    Basketball 2003-04 Exquisite Limited Logos Kobe Bryant

    Probably both will sell for MUCH less than where they are now. Most auctions that get insanely high are just people goofing now putting in fake bids just to be silly and drive the price up. Especially with both cards being numbered out of "only" 75. What would #/25 got for? or #/10, 1/1...