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  1. Mike

    Transaction Manager 2.0

    A few days ago I noticed a bug in the Transaction Manager that would hide the "Complete" button in some cases (most cases actually). Today I released an update to fix that bug so you should all be able to mark your transactions as complete now. If you notice any other issues with the Transaction...
  2. Mike

    Break will be on Monday October 25th at 5pm PST! SCC/Bench Joint Baseball Group Break Club - October 2021

    I'll get my payment sent when I get home from work this evening.
  3. Mike

    Break Complete! SCC/Bench Joint Baseball Group Break Club - September 2021

    Holy smokes! Another KeBryan Hayes!?! That's awesome! I should have got you to do this break years ago!
  4. Mike

    Break Complete! SCC/Bench Joint Baseball Group Break Club - September 2021

    Crappit! I missed it! Good thing these things are recorded...
  5. Mike

    MLB Signs New Exclusive with Fanatics, Leaving Topps Out

    I'd say it's both. From a business standpoint, it's brilliant, assuming they have a business plan going forward to keep them in the black. They're assuming they'll be able to make more money selling the cards than Topps and/or Panini, which I automatically assume means they're going to be...
  6. Mike

    New to SCC

    Welcome to The Club Andy!
  7. Mike

    Break Complete! SCC/Bench Joint Baseball Group Break Club - September 2021

    Guys, with the updates to the Transaction Manager, you must have an address listed in your account details before someone can create a transaction with you. I'd recommend you all update yours so that @grapler135s can create transactions with all of you on the site and get your addresses there in...
  8. Mike

    Feedback Transfer Requests

    If you would like to request a feedback transfer from another site to bypass our MSF restriction on new traders, let us know here and a moderator will help you out. Requirements You must have at least 100 feedback/ratings/score at the transferring site. You must have 100% positive...
  9. Mike

    SCC Updated

    SCC was just updated to the latest version of our software. I've also upgrade the Transaction Manager to include the updates discussed in the linked thread. As always, if you notice any problems please let me know so I can work on trying to get them fixed.
  10. Mike

    Transaction Manager 2.0

    Just as an update, this thing is nearly complete! The entire front end is working, at least as far as I can tell from my testing. There may be a few little tweaks still left that I need to make here and there but we'll find those as we go along. Tonight I'll start working on a converter to...
  11. Mike

    PWCC Restricted from Selling on eBay

    Oh, I hadn't heard that! That's good news for us buyers...not so much for PWCC. Everyone is doing good, thanks. Just busy, busy, busy these days. Hope all is well on your end too.
  12. Mike

    PWCC Restricted from Selling on eBay

    There are a few others I'm waiting on this to happen to as well. It's been a long time coming, and I'm glad to see eBay actually taking a stand against these folks, even though it will hurt their bottom line slightly.
  13. Mike

    Combatting Spammers

    Spambots are getting worse...just yesterday we had some spammers get by our spam checks and PM members with a link to some not-so-family-friendly sites. So, today I've implemented a new system to help combat spammers. I don't want to give out too much info about what we're doing, but please let...
  14. Mike

    Post and Win IV

    @grapler135s has claimed the prize and the gift card has been issued. Thanks, again, to everyone who posted!
  15. Mike

    Post and Win IV

    Here are the post totals for the top 5 for this contest. @grapler135s - 57 @franklinguy52 - 9 @budler - 5 @OldNewRips - 4 @captkirk42 - 3 Congrats to @grapler135s! You're the winner of a $100 eBay gift card. PM me your email address to claim the prize and I'll get it over to you. Thanks to...
  16. Mike

    Break Complete! SCC/Bench Joint Baseball Group Break Club - August 2021

    Thanks for the break, Mike! So glad you were able to pick this up! They're always fun!