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  1. pudge27t

    A long time coming & I do mean a LONG time!

    As many of you may or may not know of the 2006 Ultra "Lucky 13" series. As for me, some of you may not know that Reggie Bush is my main PC. :p I remember the BUZZ of this "leap" card hit the scene hard and being one of Reggie's iconic cards. HOBBY Versions 2006 Ultra #203 Reggie Bush L13...
  2. pudge27t

    My Best Mail Day Ever!!

    To keep it short & sweet... Long awaited... :D 2006 SPx Rookie Autographed Jerseys NFL Logo #187 Reggie Bush 1/1
  3. pudge27t

    Selling FS: Carson Wentz Lot

    Please Delete! No longer available.
  4. pudge27t

    Trading Anyone Trading?

    Hello all! Curious if anyone is up to do some trading? Check my bucket &/or message me to see if you have any specific players that you are looking for! Thanks!!
  5. pudge27t

    Selling Marquise Goodwin RC Lot!! Needs Moved!

    Looking to move these. $65 dlvd. Sold as a lot only. Thanks! 😎
  6. pudge27t

    Football Gronkowski traded to the BUCCS Crazy! The bandwagon is about to be super packed! And a 4th rounder BUCCS pick is a dang good pick for the PATS. WOW! I personally would like to see if the BUCCS could turn it around.
  7. pudge27t

    Trading Looking to shake things up! (Trading Mid-High end)

    Trading mid-high end football only. Bucket: Just let me know if interested in anything. I like pictures better than list BUT i'm not picky! 😋
  8. pudge27t

    Trading LCS .............. 2019 Legacy Box Break

    Hey all! Went to one of my LCS today, one that i've never been to before. Snagged a cheap box of 2019 Legacy, since I haven't broke any 2019 product this year. Anyway, let me know what you think! :) Notables: 2019 Panini Legacy Premium Edition Ruby #187 N'Keal Harry/100 2019 Panini...
  9. pudge27t

    My PC "That dog'll hunt"...... Story Time

    Hey folks! Appreciate you stopping by! Enjoy! As some of you may or may not know, I am somewhat of a Reggie Bush collector. :p Mainly just RCs and rare cards of his. These days it's becoming more and more difficult to find his rare cards. 1) His initial hype was so crazy that people paid car...
  10. pudge27t

    My PC Reggie Bush PC - 2006 Leaf Certified Materials RC Mini Set

    Hey folks! I appreciate you stopping by. :) I have been collecting Reggie Bush for a long time now & have came across these rare RCs. 2006 Leaf Certified Materials #210 Reggie Bush JSY/5 They all are stamped "Donruss Playoff Special Edition" on the front. They also look exactly like the...
  11. pudge27t

    2000 Topps NFL Draft Pick (1/1 Diamond Edition)

    I came across this rare card in my collection of Peter Warrick and was curious if anyone knew anything about the Diamond Edition? All help is appreciated. Thanks! :) The back of this card is just like the base card on back. And it's the first time i've taken it out of the top loader just to...
  12. pudge27t

    LF Reggie Bush! My #1 & #2 Chaser! Need Your Help!!

    I'm on the hunt to add to my huge Reggie Bush collection! If I could get anyone & everyones help! Just to be on the look out! :D I have yet to see either one of these circulating, or even heard of someone owning them!! #1 Chaser 2006 Ultra Target Exclusive Rookie Autographs #203 Reggie Bush...
  13. pudge27t

    My PC 2015 Immaculate Mini Set (Reggie Bush)

    I'm almost done, I just need a few more. All help is appreciated! Thanks!! Need: 3, 8 & 10 :D ? 2015 Immaculate Collection Immaculate Jersey Numbers #81 Reggie Bush/12 2015 Immaculate Collection Immaculate Rookie Jerseys Logos #81 Reggie Bush/3 2015 Immaculate Collection...
  14. pudge27t

    My PC 2013 Panini National Treasures 50th Anniversary HOF Patch (Mini set) - Reggie Bush

    All though he'll never make the HOF, the set is still sweet! Just looking to complete it, if possible! I'll definitely trade in your favor and or buy! Just let me know! :) 2013 Panini National Treasures 50th Anniversary Hall of Fame Patch #13 Reggie Bush/6 (Clickable...
  15. pudge27t

    $49.99 Optic Donruss Target Box! Huge Hit!!

    Decided to just grab a box with no real expectations of EVERY hitting since it hasn't happened to me in retail before!!! But i hit this monster! :o:o:o :D:D:D:D:D:D And no, it's not going anywhere except to BGS! :D Thanks for stopping by!
  16. pudge27t

    2016 Select! Testing My Luck!

    Pretty sweet product that seems to get better every year! I don't think I did bad, what do you all think?? :D Definitely hopeful on that last one!!!
  17. pudge27t

    Angel or Super Hero in Disguise!?

    Good morning fellas, better yet a GREAT morning! Long story short, a guy had tracked me down after seeing me post my Reggies on many different sites and also seen my collection on SportsCardAlbum. Come to find out the guy is a fellow collector of Reggie himself and had a lot that I didn't have...
  18. pudge27t

    2006 Paradigm (Hunt For Reggie Bush)

    The journey continues!!! Enjoy!! 2006 Topps Paradigm #17 Tom Brady/169 2006 Topps Paradigm Dual Jerseys #TPFG Frank Gore/99 2006 Topps Paradigm Rookie Dual Jersey Autographs #CW Charlie Whitehurst/299 2006 Topps Paradigm Gold #93 Greg Jennings AU/50 2006 Topps Paradigm Career...
  19. pudge27t

    Throwback Box Breaks! Hunt For Reggie Bush!

    Figured since I've never hit one before I'd try my luck now days that the boxes aren't so expensive! :D 2006 Ultra (Retail) 2006 Contenders 2006 Rookies & Stars ( I think I got shorted :mad:) 2006 Leaf Rookies and Stars #256 Maurice Drew JSY RC/799 2006 Leaf Rookies and Stars...
  20. pudge27t

    Selling Mix Lot Needing to Move!

    Looking for $85 OBO... Trying to move today!!! :)! Needing to support this Reggie habit! :D Please help!!:happy: