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  1. jwilliammoore

    Rare Buckeye Mailday

    Got a couple nice cards this week. Dan Herron 2012 Certified Mirror Black Auto 1/1 Craig Krenzel 2004 Finest Yellow Printing Plate Auto 1/1 First printing plate I've ever seen of his. And of course the auto is upside down. If any Buckeye collectors have any 1/1 or low numbered Krenzel's...
  2. jwilliammoore

    2016 Prizm Football 6 Hangers & 4 Blasters

    Base RC's Flash & Green RC's Red/White/Blue RC's Other RC's Davis is /49 Flash Prizm's Red/White/Blue Prizms Rest of Prizms & Inserts
  3. jwilliammoore

    6 More TC Mini Blisters & Prizm Nascar Blasters

    Don't do much trading unless you have a Craig Krenzel I need or a 2012 Metal Dan Herron PMG. I do have the AP on eBay.
  4. jwilliammoore

    6 More TC Mini Blisters & Prizm Nascar Blasters

    Love the look of Prizm Nascar. Good mix of Prizms and inserts. Busted 3 blasters and these are the better pulls Busch /41 McMurray /99 Labonte Die Cut Prizms Almirola Auto /75 Earnhardt Auto /75 Larson Auto Biggest hit of the 3 blasters Also grabbed 6 2015 TC Mini blisters. Better hits...
  5. jwilliammoore

    2015 TC Mini Walmart Breaks

    I've picked up 7 of the mini blisters packs from Walmart so far and have great luck. Pulsar Refractor David Cobb #154 Jeremy Langford 1976 /25 (on ebay) Brett Hundley 1976 /25 Camo Refractor Duke Johnson RC /99 (on ebay) Green Refractor Cedric Ogbuehi RC Sepia Refractors Dres Anderson RC...
  6. jwilliammoore

    Ohio State Rolling Mail Days

    New mail 6/20/16 Mullens 09/10 Elite Status 6/24 09/10 Limited Spotlight 6/25 (2nd copy) Herron 2012 Exquisite 8/75
  7. jwilliammoore

    Ohio State Rolling Mail Days

    Added a few new Mullens and one Krenzel to the PC. Mullens RC's Artist's Proof /199 Prestige Draft Auto /499 McDonalds Base & Auto UD Draft Green Auto /99 Exquisite Auto /32 Absolute /25 Mullens non RC stuff Signatures /5 Momentum /49 Brilliance Above & Beyond (Retail only) Brilliance...
  8. jwilliammoore

    Best Checklist Source?

    I used this one for a couple of PC checklists. Easy to copy and paste into excel. After I pasted the list from here into excel I went to beckett to see if any were missing from the list. Only a handful were missing.
  9. jwilliammoore

    LF : Craig Krenzel

    Knocked one off. Still looking for the rest.
  10. jwilliammoore

    mystery lot...

    Very nice lot pick up. Those Upper Deck Black & White cards are great looking cards in person.
  11. jwilliammoore

    White Whale

    Basically all the cards left on my Craig Krenzel want list are white whales. I was able to purchase this for a decent price. 2004 R&S Longevity Holofoil Parallel (9/10) 2012 PMG Dan Herron Red /100 (Makes 23 copies) 2012 PMG Dan Herron Green /10 (Makes 2nd copy) 2014 Topps Translucent...
  12. jwilliammoore

    Multiple 1/1 Mailweek

    Had a nice week except for getting out bid on this Krenzel 1/1 Never...
  13. jwilliammoore

    Some New PC Mail

    Mullens 12/13 Past & Present Shattered (1st one) 09/10 Limited Jumbo Prime Auto 5/5 (2nd or 3rd one) Boom 12 Crown Royale Purple Auto /25 (1st one) 15 Score End Zone /6 (1st one) Aaron Murray 14 Immaculate 31,45,39,63/99 (These 4 make 8 of these for the PC)
  14. jwilliammoore

    Mullens RC 1/1 Mailday

    I got outbid on this back in 2010(This card ended up going for close to $200). Every so often the card would be listed, but for way more than I would pay for it. Seller finally listed at $34.99 plus shipping. Still more than I wanted to pay but it will look great in the PC. Limited Platinum...
  15. jwilliammoore

    2 Nice $1 Box Finds

    Didn't get charged the $5 entry fee, maybe because it was Sunday. Spent $20 on 20 cards. Kept 1 for the PC and have sold 5 cards so far for $32.14 after fees (Got $19.68 after fees for the Hardaway).
  16. jwilliammoore

    2015 R&S Break & New PC Pick Ups

    Broke a blaster and 1 rack pack yesterday. Pulled a couple nice #ed cards. Marcus Mariota Die Cut Red /299 Alshon Jeffery Green 1/5 Melvin Gordon Progression Gold /25 PC Pick Ups 2012 PMG Dan Herron /100 x2 (I now own 20 of the 100 made) Aaron Murray 2014 PMG 11/25 (Jersey #ed) 2014 Black...
  17. jwilliammoore

    new Boller stuff

    Very nice PC add.
  18. jwilliammoore

    2 Nice $1 Box Finds

    Sold the Hardaway for $25 within 10 minutes of listing it.
  19. jwilliammoore

    2 Nice $1 Box Finds

    Stopped by a local card show today and found these in the $1 boxes. 2001-02 Pristine Bo Outlaw Sweat & Tears 1999-00 Stadium Club Chrome Penny Hardaway First Day Issue /100 (Last one on ebay sold for $22 plus shipping)
  20. jwilliammoore

    new Boller stuff

    Great plate pick up.