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  1. AndyDrummond

    Trading WTTF 2021 Topps Heritage

    Sorry @woodman, been super busy. I’ll send you they Heyward for it as long as PWE is cool. If that works go ahead and post it.
  2. AndyDrummond

    New to SCC

    Hey all, I’m just getting started over here. Some of you may know me from The Bench. I‘m mainly a set builder. I do a couple new sets each year and working on a lot of vintage, mostly baseball. Looking forward to finding some new trading partners! Andy
  3. AndyDrummond

    Trading WTTF 2021 Topps Heritage

    Hi All, Coming late to the party on this one, but hoping to finish out my Heritage set soon. Would prefer to trade SPs for SPs have a good amount of base if anyone still needs some. Also have plenty of flagship Topps to trade as well. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Andy Needs: 155, 375...