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    MAIL MONTH!: Lots o Pacers, McGahee, 49ers

    From a Trade for a Javale McGee SPA: For my Master set..only 4 autos left and about 9 GU and 30 foils left. Snagged off of COMC for $8.00:dance: more from COMC, all refractors /100 except clark which is /199 Ebay: Redemptions...
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    why does sportlots suck?

    Freakin site NEVER works. System Error: Please notify Sportlots Error Msg: 49A1C
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    Mail: UD redemption, Ultimate, 1/1

    CP3/Deron was a redemption I pulled. Available FT/FS if interested. Smith is an investment plus i love the look of it. Mcgahee is for my McGahee PC:cheers:
  4. J

    Vote for my best man..... He and his lady are trying to win a wedding in the bahamas. I know you probably didn't get married in the bahamas....or you never will get married(jason), but put your jealousy aside for him. Plus I'm his best man so I'll be...
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    Just in time Mailday

    Was getting worried that I won this right before he started going nuts. He is now at 33 straight scoreless IP I believe.
  6. J

    From the show this weekend...

    an awful show, but I did gank someone on some prospect trades/sales:cheers: Prospects in top 2 scans cost me $60 total. Other stuff is random ebay crap. Got the roger craig patch in a $5 box.
  7. J

    Buying McGahee and 49ers I need.

    Whatcha got?
  8. J

    2007 Bowman Chrome FB Final Case Results

    Everything is FT/FS PM me if interested and I'll reply asap. 10 boxes yielded Uncirculated RC Box Toppers /1079 Adrian Peterson! Alan Branch Greg olsen Anthony Gonzalez Leon Hall Chris Henry Dwayne Bowe Chris Leak Brandon Jackson Chris Davis RC Refractors: Calvin Johnson...
  9. J

    2007 Bowman Chrome Case Bust

    First come first serve on dibs. All are available for just about anything I may like and of course paypal. Only doing one box tonight the rest will be during games tomorrow. Box 1: Ted Ginn Cyan Printing Plate 1/1 Hines Ward Red Refractor 2/5 Chris Davis Orange Ref 15/25 Chris Henry...
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    OOPS! The lady is going to be pissed

    She left town for a week with some friends, I'm hangin here with friends to watch the tourney. Saturday the first day she was gone, I got bored and ordered a CASE for the first time in my life. On wednesday I will have a 10 box case of 2007 bowman chrome football from blowout for $349:cheers...
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    Couple in for the McGahee PC

    My 6th SPA, my first 1/1, and a freebie from ONYX...the patch!
  12. J

    Show I'm going to in 3 weeks...need anything? The KC show. If you want me to get something signed or tell a player they suck I can do that too......there are going to be several Cowboys there.
  13. J

    Early 2009 Football Products: Donruss Elite, UD Draft Edition, Bowman Draft Picks

    Donruss Elite Sell Sheet 3 GU/Auto Hits per box(at least 1 auto) Will be popular and loaded with value as usual I'm sure. However, that value comes with a cost of about $90-100 a box or more which IMO is not worth it. UD Draft Edition Sell Sheet 5 autographed cards and 7 #'d parallel...
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    Stopping in for the first time in a long time....Props to Amish Dave!

    Amish Dave sent me a Jackson Vroman(former Iowa State bball player) Press Pass red ink inscription "JVro". I most definitely did not have it yet so a big thanks Dave! Also I'm posting this Dave style because I haven't had time to scan anything for a loooooooong time. Thanks again and I...
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    Dave told me it was up and running again. Now I have one more thing to do at work all day:cheers:
  16. J

    Any 2008 Checklists out yet?

    Can't wait to get some Todd Blythe cards:cheers:
  17. J

    3 box break....all CHROME

    2006-07 Bowman Basketball Chrome RC's: Millsap Aldridge Gay Xfractor: Kirilenko Refractor: Boozer Base RC's of everyone that was good from this year. Jerseys: Arenas and Rondo McDonalds All American Chrome Auto: Jordan Farmar Value: A-, only $30 for the box and got some...
  18. J

    Anybody want to sell/trade me their NCAA 08 for 360?

    Most places are still trying to charge $60 for it which is BS IMO
  19. J

    Just blew $150

    :doh::doh::doh: Couldn't resist, the holidays have come and gone and I need to bust some wax. Should be here by Monday from Blowout 1 box Bowman Chrome 2007 FB 1 box Bowman Chrome Draft 2007 BB 1 box Bowman Chrome 2007-08 BKB Should I break live or do it and then post scans?