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    Long time no see

    Welcome back!
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    Sunday Afternoon Quick Sales!

    Need these gone.
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    Fantasy Basketball

    Sweet! I'm currently in 1st place (3-0) all alone in my league.
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    Sunday Afternoon Quick Sales!

    Who wants in? I'll post some lots up in the next 30 minutes. Need to make some paypal! Joe Flacco GU Lot: 08 Sweet Swatches, 09 Icons Sophomore Sensations #/299, 08 UD Rookie GU, 09 UD GameDay Gear, 09 SPx Winning Materials #/349, and Flacco/Boldin '11 Dual Prestige Connections...
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    Fantasy Basketball

    Sounds good, guys!
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    Jonathan Baldwin 2011 Certified Freshman Fabrics RC Auto/GU Redemption

    Who wants to be a part of the first transaction in TCZ history? :)
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    Detoit Tigers

    I have Tom Brookins (1st base coach), Joel Zumaya, Will Rhymes, Ben Guez, and a dual auto ball by Armando Galarraga and Edwin Jackson. The ball(s) will come in protective plastic cases.
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    Your all-time fave card?

    Nope it's not graded, but I would definitely consider sending it in sometime in the future.
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    Your all-time fave card?

    My favorite card is a classic that I have held onto since 2001, and I don't plan on getting rid of it. Joe Montana Topps RC :) it's one of the best centered ones I've seen.
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    When and why did you start collecting?

    I too started collecting at a young age. My Dad was into cards early when I was born, and we would always sit on eBay or different online trading forums and make trades. We ended up going on a quest to complete all of the Topps Football sets from 1975 to 2007, and we finished it. Pretty cool. My...
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    NFL Playoffs 2012

    I think the Giants have a legit shot to knock off the Packers this weekend. Rodgers was off two straight weeks (vs Lions, bye) so I don't think he'll be as sharp. The Giants need to establish a running game early and let Eli do what he's been doing the whole year with Nicks and Cruz. Lambeau is...
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    Your favorite pulls?

    My favorite pull had to be at my small LCS in town earlier this summer. He had just got LR&S football in, and I love that product so I went in and busted 6 packs. The first two wielded jerseys, and I was hoping for the dual jersey auto in one of the last four. Sure enough, a four color rookie...
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    Detoit Tigers

    I have some autographed Tigers baseballs, but nothing too big in cards. Would you be interested in those?
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    Andrew Luck - The beginnings of something sweet!

    It's going to be mighty pricey! Your wallet better be prepared.
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    2011 Topps Rising Rookies Box

    Nice! You didn't do too bad at all.
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    Welcome Back TCZ

    Otis! Welcome back. Good to have you here.
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    Hello TCZ!

    Welcome to the site!
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    TCZ Card Giveaway I

    I believe I'm qualified now as well. Thanks!
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    Fantasy Basketball

    Anyone involved in this? I just started this year, and it's pretty fun. We should try and start a TCZ league next season!