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  1. Braveskid1025

    Hey everyone!

    Hey everybody just dropped in to see how everyone is doing? Been super busy with work and school. 2 and a half years left (seems like forever) and I'll have my programming degree. So how is everyone out there
  2. Braveskid1025

    Some custom cards/drawings/wallpapers i have created. (Scan heavy)

    Figured i would make a thread for my stuff. I am only 21 and got into collecting about eighth grade and when I did that I decided i wanted to test my hand at graphic designing, which I have fallen in love with and want to make a career out of. So in eighth grade i taught myself all the...
  3. Braveskid1025

    Been a long time since I have been on here!

    Hello, to all fellow members. Some may remember me if they are still on here. Been quite a while since I have been on here at all. Got out of collecting as I can't afford it while in college and payments I have to make monthly. So just stopping by to say hello and will come back to chit chat...
  4. Braveskid1025

    Boredom led to custom cards- supers and such

    Let me know what you guys think.. Brady super: Manning Super: Than I also did some messing around with the manning just to see the different effects I was able to figure out! Than a few random: Than I also did a quick, cheap little base set for myself to collect: Base Set...
  5. Braveskid1025

    Testing waters with custom cards

    I decided to try to create my own custom cards I created it in hopes to add to my pc and obtain a marino autograph with sticker and switch sticker onto my card.. And here's a cheap little one i did in about 2 minutes just to see how sticker auto looked I have actually decided to do...
  6. Braveskid1025

    Recent drawings

    Everything was moved inside my bucket so no proper links
  7. Braveskid1025

    Hey all. Been a while!

    How's everyone been doing? Been very busy with school and work haven't had time to use any sites recently. Taking a break from studying for 3 midterms in the next two days so figured I'd say hey to everybody.
  8. Braveskid1025

    Drawings, and graphics designs

    Hey all, figured I'd post my drawings, and the graphics ive designed on photoshop and such. I also sell my drawings! Things i did in art class when i was in high school: Than a gators logo:
  9. Braveskid1025

    More drawings

    Did these four for a customer Did the first two all in a day, and the last two within three hours..
  10. Braveskid1025

    Some drawings I have done in the past few days..

    Did these 2 drawings since I live in SC, a neighbor wanted the gamecock and a friend wanted the tiger paw :p did this one in about half an hour... friend goes to clemson so he asked me to draw that for him now the good one ran out of colored pencils on the gamecock so had to wait to...
  11. Braveskid1025

    Entire collection for sale..

    Decided to sell my entire collection to fund my college and evertyhing I need. So posting it all here. Shipping will be the actual price it would cost to ship the package with paypal shipping. Once you say which cards you are interested I will weigh them and look at the weight and get the...
  12. Braveskid1025

    Whole collection for sale

    SORRY FOR THE BAD SCANS, JUST HURRIED AND SCANNED THEM ALL AFTER DECIDED TO SELL! The cards: Williams- SOLD Graham- SOLD Gronkowski- 5 Gerhart (sorry scan bad its white with a little yellow sewing)- 1.50 Mccoy- 4 Simms- 7 Taylor/Peterson- 5 Urlacher- 4 Mcfadden- SOLD Johnson- 5 Jones- 7...
  13. Braveskid1025

    The end of the hobby for now...

    Figured I would post this on here. But with college coming up I need the extra money so made the hard decision to go ahead and sell of my collection as I need. Decided it would be better to get rid of it all and when I get back into collecting again I will start from scratch. But figured that...
  14. Braveskid1025

    Deciding a major for college?

    Wha is it that you guys chose to study and what was the reason you did it? I have it narrowed down to 3-4 but just can't seem to come to a decision. What else could help me with my cuisines and such.. As for my options that I like: Computer graphics designing Computer programming...
  15. Braveskid1025

    Alright, gonna run a contest. An odd one! Haha

    Alright people's, s I like drawing and such so gonna run a contest for it.. This was my latest drawing, I know it looks like crap because it's in colored pencils since I didn't have any pastels. Went and picked up some today so I can make a nice picture. These are just some of the sports...
  16. Braveskid1025

    Trading for unused itunes cards and mycokerewards lids

    Hey guys looking to trade some cards for some non card items. I am looking to trade them for unused itunes cards, and also for Powewrade/coke product lids for the mycokerewards ste. Looking to pick up lids that have unused codes . just let me know if you have any and if you like anything
  17. Braveskid1025

    100 degrees out all day and now a hail storm?!?!

    Live in chapin sc and has been around 100 degrees all day and all of a sudden a huge hail storm?! What in the world haha! Fist the pictures: Now videos:
  18. Braveskid1025

    Anyone on here trade at all....?!?!

    Let's get some trades done! Link to bucket in sig
  19. Braveskid1025

    Case stand?

    I want to put a shelf up in my room and wondered if they make stand that you can put a card on and have it stand up so I don't have to lean them against he room? Are these made?
  20. Braveskid1025

    Fantasy football??

    Would anybody be interested in creating a fantasy football league on here? Could do about 12 members, and have one member (no restrictions) be the creator. We could send in 1-2 cards with a certain Bv/sv and play for that?