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  1. GiantFan

    1 Box 2013 Ultimate Collection

    I'm kind of hooked on this stuff. I've hit some really nice cards out of it and sold a bunch of nice stuff. Here is what I got in this box. Surprised the Bledsoe sells pretty well. College collectors are coming on strong now that there are higher end college products instead of Press Pass...
  2. GiantFan

    1 Box Contenders and 1 Box Ultimate Collection

    And the results are in. I think I did pretty well. The Nassib sold on ebay for $65+ and $80 because it is a really tough pull. Only two have been on ebay. Love the low numbering on the Ultimate. Austin and Patterson from Contenders were nice to pull! All are for sale.
  3. GiantFan


    Thought I'd write an intro for those who don't know me. My name is Rob, I live in western CT, married with two great little kids. I collect NY Giants and NY Mets. I am sort of an off and on collector and my collection reflects that with lots of cards from certain years and none from others...
  4. GiantFan

    Football Brandon Jacobs thinks Harbaugh is a Bitch......
  5. GiantFan

    1 Box 2013 Ultimate Collection

    Not pictured, Barry Sanders base /175, Montee Ball dual jersey /50, Lattimore RC /99 and
  6. GiantFan

    Pulled and Sold!

    Pulled this from a box of Ultimate Collection and sold on ebay pretty quick. Other stuff from the boxes below.
  7. GiantFan

    Bud, check your IM.

    that is all.
  8. GiantFan

    Another solid mailday.

    A few from group breaks and a box I bought, which wasn't very good. The Manning is a rookie I got from a stupid divisional break I did. I got a few good cards but the Manning was the only thing worth showing. The other three are from a box of Platinum. I'm glad I got a Nasib but not a good...
  9. GiantFan

    Huge mail.

    Got in a case break of Touchdown Football on blowout TV. The product repackages cards from all different eras of football cards. Pretty cool. Well, I got the first pick in the draft of the break and BOOM!
  10. GiantFan

    My son and I opened a box of Platinum.

    My son sees me opening cards and getting cards in the mail and he took an interest. He is 8 years old and asked if we could go to another card show. Took a long time ago when Brett had a table. So this weekend we went to the White Plains show. 300 tables. We bought a box of Platinum, a...
  11. GiantFan

    Pretty Awesome Case Break - Heroes of Sport

    Watched this live earlier today. Pretty cool stuff. Goes for $975 a box. :shock: Case is almost 3 grand. 12 spots. One guy bought 4 spots and he got something like spots 1,2,6, and 9. I wasn't in this unfortunately. Crazy. tz7V0pCkPog
  12. GiantFan

    07 Ultimate Collection Baseball

    Here is some stuff I got in the mail yesterday from a group break on blowout tv. Base /450 Molitor Jersey /75, Thigpen Auto /299 Carew /29, Yaz /8
  13. GiantFan

    There are about 6 live channels on Vaughn.TV...

    ...that have been opening cases and cases of Chrome baseball. I can't believe how many cases people open.
  14. GiantFan

    More mail. Barry Helmet, Basketball booklet.

    These are from the group break on Blowout. What do you guys thing I should do with this redemption? Sell redemption on ebay or redeem and sell the helmet on ebay?
  15. GiantFan

    Well, might as well go all in...

    Went to my local shop and bought a box of Platinum. Beat the odds getting two fairly low numbered cards but the wrong players. The Dysert sold recently for $52. :scratch: This one is his jersey number but doubt I will get that much.
  16. GiantFan

    I have mail??? I HAVE MAIL!!!!

    :salut::salut::salut::salut::salut: Well, I've been trying to get on this sight more and because of that I saw Bud's post about the group breaks on Blowout TV. I started watching and then buying in. Totally reinvigorated my desire to break boxes, collect, etc... that is until I get bored of...
  17. GiantFan

    Sad story from my town...

    This happened last night at 1am. Horrible scene here in town. NEW FAIRFIELD -- It was around 1 a.m. Thursday when a woman heard an intruder break into her home at the end of a quiet neighborhood street. She called her brother, Jeffrey Giuliano, who lives next door on Meeting House Hill...
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    What the hell is going on here? :pop::pop::pop:
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    Super Bowl

  20. GiantFan

    2004 Sweet Spot Set Football

    I have the entire Sweet Spot football set from 2004. Thinking about putting it on ebay. I have the entire base set that includes star players, the legends, all the numbered rookies and ALL the rookie autograph helmets. Thoughts on what it might go for? Problem with it is some of the autos...