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  1. swany

    Back from the game was frickin cold. But if you are dressed appropriately, it isn't that bad. I couldn't feel my toes until I got home. If you didn't drink your beer quickly, you would be chipping away at the ice. As far as excitement goes, this was one of the best games I can remember attending. We...
  2. swany

    Pack vs. Skins

    An ugly win is better than a loss any day. Between Favre's moonballs he threw for INT's, no running game, and some questionable no calls (Bubba's TD rulled out of bounds after being pushed out, the phantom holding on Tauscher that cost us another TD when Kampann was being held 10 times worse all...
  3. swany

    What's worse than Wisconsin losing... the FIB's? Zeeck texting me every time Illinois scores, while watching Indiana win, surrounded 40,000 IU fans. :doh:
  4. swany

    Sports Anthem Song

    The Colts used this song for its intros last week. I am heard other teams use this song also. It seems to be the new "hype 'em up" type of song. I know that probably doesn't help much...but does anyone know the song I am talking about? I believe it is slants towards the hip-gop any...
  5. swany

    My football weekend

    What a weekend of football. Driving up the Madison for the Wisconsin/MSU game on Saturday, back to Indy to watch the Colts/Broncos game in the city suite. I was hoping for a nice quiet weekend at home, but this is much better. :D
  6. swany

    Something funny last night at WWE/ECW...

    Wife and I went to see the TV taping for Friday night Smackdown, and the live ECW show. ECW was crap, Smackdown ok...but mainly because of the following story. I work one block from Conseco Fieldhouse. It has the nearest Chase Bank cash machine, and I stopped by about 4:00 pm yesterday. I saw...
  7. swany

    Smackdown/ECW in Indy TONIGHT...

    And I will be there. Wife and I will be about 8 rows back, I think behind the announcers. So if you are watching tonight, look for us. :D
  8. swany

    My Week 3 picks

    I am trying to new system for making picks against the spread, even though I am 22-10 against the spread after two weeks. :cheers: My top picks: Arizona +7.5 vs. Baltimore Thank goodness for half points. Arizona probably won't win, but with Baltimore's questionable QB's, I don't see them...
  9. swany

    Frank Caliendo does Jim Rome

    Love this guy. He is right on with Jim Rome and all of his little shticks. Go to "Frank's picks" at the bottom right corner of the page. "Am I even big enough to parody anymore?"
  10. swany

    Deal or No Deal, NFL style

    Anyone watching? The guy is from here in Indianapolis. Marcus Allen, Jerry Rice, Eric Dickerson, Terrell Davis, and Wayne Cherbet are there. He passed up a boatload of NFL stuff...Super Bowl trip, 2008 Denali all souped up, season tickets, cash...all told about $116,000 worth of stuff. I...
  11. swany

    Packers - Giants

    I am glad to see the Plaxico could find the time to catch a TD pass while blocking guys from behind when the play is pretty much over.
  12. swany

    Buffalo LB Everett?

    I think that is his name. Jay Glazer just said that he was in emergency surgery at the hospital as a result of his collision again Denver. He went head on with a RB, and fell straight to the ground. Hopefully he will be alright.
  13. swany

    Jets Fans

    How disgusting. Pennington gets hurt, fans start cheering. I know it isn't all Jet's fans...but there were plenty. :ban:
  14. swany

    Packers - Eagles Thread

    One of the big question marks this season comes up with a huge play! 7-0 GB
  15. swany

    Milwaukee Dan...

    Dan, You make my dreams come true Sincerely, Kevin
  16. swany

    Downtown Indy

    Downtown Indy is hopping. I walk out of my office and there is a sea of blue and white from here to Monument Circle. It has a Final Four atmosphere to it. I left my camera in my car, but I found someone's pictures from yesterday. They are from the sound check on Monument Circle for the big...
  17. swany

    Fundraiser with the Colts

    My wife sits on a committee for an event hosted by Colts' punter Hunter Smith called Tackling Homelessness. On Sunday we had the dinner and silent/live auction. Last year, I spent way too much on a football autographed by all the Colts' players in attendance. The biggest names on the ball were...
  18. swany

    What I see on my way into work

    Kids, don't try to take pictures with your camera phone and drive at the same time. Not recommended. :D
  19. swany

    What to do with your old Vick cards

    Here doggy doggy doggy
  20. swany

    Time for some FOOTBALL!

    I did give a flying bejesus if it is the pre-season...nothing better than sitting my can on the couch and watching some Packer football!!!