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  1. northcutt_fan

    Selling 2015 Immaculate Baseball Hits For Sale

    You still have the Joey Tables auto /25 ? LMK.
  2. northcutt_fan

    Buying Jace Amaro

    The rarer the better. LMK !
  3. northcutt_fan

    2015 National Sports Collectors Convention

    I still, somewhere, have the pic of you passed out on the bed with the wheelchair in the foreground.
  4. northcutt_fan

    meh, off to the National

    I miss the original squad :(
  5. northcutt_fan

    Onyxdragon5977's rolling mail thread

    Solid card there, Aaron !!!
  6. northcutt_fan

    Selling College Contenders Draft Picks & Leaf Clear Breaks

    May have some interest in the Hill & Mayle.
  7. northcutt_fan

    cleaning out photobucket...some blasts from the past

    I remember all of these, minus the Rhonda.
  8. northcutt_fan

    another thing i dont understand

    Unlike me.
  9. northcutt_fan

    another thing i dont understand

    You hear from Grandpa lately or have a cell # for him ? I haven't heard from him or Phil in eons :\
  10. northcutt_fan

    what in the...

    I miss Fudge :(
  11. northcutt_fan

    Buying Mathew Dumba, Coyle, Granlund, Brodin

    Sounds good. This is where I got my number, I sent to you, on SportsCardDirect: Just keep me in the loop !
  12. northcutt_fan

    Buying Mathew Dumba, Coyle, Granlund, Brodin

    LMK what you'd need for it. Don't know if I'd go that high on it, as a few that I've recently won on eBay haven't went that high. Would definitely be interested in it and anything else of Dumba you could unearth.
  13. northcutt_fan

    what in the...

    Value. Fudge would've spent that much on the card, if he still collected.
  14. northcutt_fan

    Buying Mathew Dumba, Coyle, Granlund, Brodin

    More geared toward Dumba, as that's the main hockey PC, but would consider Charlie Coyle, Mikael Granlund or Jonas Brodin cards as well. Scans & prices would be helpful ! - Amish.
  15. northcutt_fan

    Had Av's in a Cup case - 1 card it's a keeper

    Badass card there, Bud ! 1 card only, but a monster !
  16. northcutt_fan

    Buying Michael Egnew

    I have nothing 'new' to trade. I rarely, if ever, buy wax. And if I buy anything new off of eBay that isn't player collection related, it's usually for a care package, thus why I never put trading as an option.
  17. northcutt_fan

    needed 130pt toploaders, so got some boxes

    I miss your ramblings.
  18. northcutt_fan

    Flawless hits

    Good Lord, Bud ! Some great looking cards there !!!
  19. northcutt_fan

    Buying Michael Egnew

    Don't want to be redirected to some site to try to find a card. Just post what you've got here and a price. And, again, remember, it's Michael Egnew, not anyone of use. - Amish.
  20. northcutt_fan

    Weekly mail call!

    I like food.