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    Box Break 2011/12 Panini NBA Hoops Hobby Box

    Not a crazy sale for this but was good enough. Finally able to get some of this product. Forgot about rookies being absent from this though. 36 packs and 8 cards per, 2 autos per box. Inserts Hoops Courtside Anthony, Chris Paul, Deron Williams Hoop Dreams Curry, Harden HOF Heroes Rick...
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    2014 NCAA Tournament

    Hey guys, the big dance starts in about a week. Anybody in to see who can fill the best bracket? Had in mind using Yahoo.
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    Basketball NBA All-Star Weekend 2014

    Anybody watch it last night? It was even better than I would've thought!
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    $1 Pack From A&P lol

    Did some shopping at A&P today, decided to get a random $1 bball pack from the vending machine. Got something I didn't really expect. Stated there were 20 cards but I got 22 (not including a checklist). Good mix of stuff, even a 1978 card of Kevin Porter. Here was the 3rd card: A Drew Gooden...
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    March Madness

    Hey guys anyone interested in a TCZ March Madness pick'em on Yahoo? The sooner it's set, the better.
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    2013 Topps Baseball Retail Pack

    Bought a 2013 Topps retail pack at Wal-Mart yesterday. Gerardo Parra Endy Chavez Marco Scutaro Wilson Ramos Vance Worley Colby Rasmus 1972 Mini Chris Heisey Ryan Sweeney Bobby Parnell There actually was a hit inside. An Evan Longoria, cool. My first hit out of a loose retail pack if I'm...
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    Need some help

    Need help with a decision. A month ago I got Sean Marshall from Cincy to sign something. It's at the bottom of the pic below. That's an advertising panel found in boxes of 2008 Topps Heritage. It's the only thing I had of Marshall and keeping the thing in tact isn't important to me...
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    Johan Santana tosses first no-no in Mets history!

    Johan Santana finally pitched the first no-hitter in the history of the Mets! I just had to assure that a Met fan started this thread. Pretty amazing that it took so long for the Mets to throw one. The first ever game I went to, Al Leiter had one going through the 6th or 7th inning. Padres...
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    2010 Score Blaster, Breaking It Old School

    I bought a blaster of 2010 Score at Wal-Mart on clearance for 5.98 a few days ago. Who's ready? Breaking this old school.
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    What should I get signed?

    I'm looking for input again. I'm planning on finally going for some Mets next week. What should I get them to sign, a custom 8x10 or buy a 50th anniversary Mets baseball? The 8x10 would be like this except with a 50th anniversary logo on the bottom right. The baseball should cost 15-20 bucks...
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    March Madness

    Darn we should've done something for March Madness, see who ends up with the best bracket. Didn't even cross my mind. I hope to see UNC win it but I love upsets. I think Syracuse will the first #1 down. Who do you guys like?
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    2010 NCAA Sweet Spot Football

    Busted a box of this early this month for Christmas. This was my big hit of the box. Ndamukong Suh Helmet Auto 028/250
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    My Graphing Thread

    This is where I will post my adventures in getting autographs. Today I'm going into the city. I'm a little unsure how things will go but hopefully everything will go right. First, Bill Cosby will be on Jimmy Fallon's show. Cosby is the #1 person I would want to meet I'd have to say. He was my...
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    My PC Thread

    In this thread I will update additions I get to my collections. The main things I collect are Josh Boone, Joe Carter, Dontrelle Willis. I also do a few sets such as 2010/11 UD North Carolina and 2008 Allen & Ginter (not very active). My first update will be Joe Carter. I have over 300 cards in...
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    Welcome Back TCZ

    Nice to see TCZ up and running again. I believe no introduction is needed here. :thumbsup: