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  1. Seahawklady

    Seahawks owner has lymphoma I know most of you are not Seahawks fans, but I'll bet there's quite a bit of you typing on something that Microsoft had a hand in. Paul Allen has survived lymphatic cancer before, and I'm hoping he can beat...
  2. Seahawklady

    Adding insult to injury... then it got worse

    Well, sorry I haven't been around much lately, but was palnning a trip to Arizona to see the Seahawks/ Cardinals game. Lots of good money spent on a good game... for 3 quarters (Hey Vets! Your guys did well :salut:) If anyone has Minny in D for FF next week, START THEM. If the O-Line...
  3. Seahawklady

    Deimos! You get a...

    BIG HUG!!! on behalf of your Panthers kicking the Cards arse in their own house!! WOO!!! (Hoping Vets doesn't see this :shifty:) Dunno what happened, but hey, I hope they keep it up!! :salut:
  4. Seahawklady

    Happy Halloween everybody!

  5. Seahawklady

    Matt Hasselbeck rocks!

    Yes, I'm being a fangirl, but he had a great day today! 41-0, and on a broken rib to boot! :salut: Say what you will about the man, but he is one tough SOB, and he had a smile after the game too :D Props too for Burly and TJ Housh, both awesome players in their own right. OK, I'll...
  6. Seahawklady

    In befalf of all who had to see them..

    I apologize for the Seahawks nauseating lime green jerseys. I hated them too. Serves them right, and hopefully this is the only time you or I will have to see them. I'll do it for ya: :ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban:
  7. Seahawklady

    To Peyton Manning:

    uhh, your #1 WR is Reggie Wayne. you seem to have forgotten this tonight, and lost me my FF matchup. Did he get hurt or something that I don't know about? I lost my FF by like 5 pts, and Reggie Wayne had NO production in the game.... Aww, fark it, this has been a sucky week for Seahawks...
  8. Seahawklady

    Got my new windows!

    Just in time for El Nino too! :salut: All brand new Milgard windows, and the landlord didn't even freak out about my old geriatric cat! :cheers: Poor Mooch, the cat, when the landlord started using the compressor-driven nail gun, Mooch found the safest place in the apartment, the bathtub...
  9. Seahawklady

    Off to the Chargers/49'ers game!

    :salut: I'll be the one in the Seahawks shirt :lollol:
  10. Seahawklady


    Ohhh, I knew it would happen some time... :doh: Was at the '76 gas station by work yesterday, and there were two companies that had set up shop there to sell you whatever, one was this "Remarkable NEW waterless car wash!!!" and the other was one of those "Fix that crack in your windshield"...
  11. Seahawklady

    "Give us a Seahawks mailday!" Ask and ye shall receive!

    OK, only two cards, but I know you all have been jonsing for some Seahawks love ! ;) Aaron Curry Press Pass auto: and just cause I pulled it from a Target pack... '07 Seahawks Expect more of these, since I was re-hired by a company that had let me go last year! It's not much, but hey...
  12. Seahawklady

    Summer's finally here

    Supposed to hit 90 at the beach today :ban: Been over 90 at my house pretty much all week. Typical San Diego weather. 90 in here at noon. Ugh!!! :bounce:
  13. Seahawklady

    Seahawks sign Edgerrin James(?) Dang, they must be desperate. Just wondering who will be let go to make room for him. :think:
  14. Seahawklady

    Just got my tix for the Chargers/49'ers - Yes, you read that right

    Over Christmas, I talked with my nephew, and he's *NEVER* been to a real NFL game! :shock: Darn 49'ers fan that he is... So, I just won some tickets to the 49'ers/Chargers game here for him and his g/f! :dance: I'm torn, do I wear Seahawks gear, my only "Chargers" shirt... it's a cross...
  15. Seahawklady

    Raiders head coach punches out assistant

    I'm not making this up! Oh man, the Raiders are a freakin' train wreck :roflmao: (Sorry Raiders fans)
  16. Seahawklady

    I'm baaack!

    Well, even tho I am no longer collecting..,. well, for the moment (I did buy an Aaron Curry PP #59 on card auto the other day :whistle:) am not collecting cards, I miss you guys! That and I did sign up for Jason's FF team again :D So, I am gonna try and get in here more... I missed you...
  17. Seahawklady

    Good on Iowa!

    Gay Marriage legalized! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance: Now c'mon California, step it up! :salut:
  18. Seahawklady

    Brett needs one of these dogs to pal with his weims... That dog is having too much fun for being in that much snow. :lollol: I know it is not a Dalmation, but my dog breed identification abilities are on stupid right at the moment. Of course I'm sitting here in So Cal biatching because it hasn't gone above 70 for...
  19. Seahawklady

    Lions sign more Seahawks players

    Will Heller to the Lions This makes 3 now. No offense Ryan, but your team seriously needs to quit raiding the Seahawks roster :D
  20. Seahawklady

    Haynesworth indicted on 2 traffic charges

    after seriously injuring a driver in an accident :ban: