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  1. f8n4tune

    Topps Magic Football retail

    2 boxes , have to admit it was pretty fun. Took a look at the SP list and got 3 base. Not sure if the SP list runs for the mini's as well ? Auto's Derek Anderson - Bernard Berrian Rookie Stars Ryan Matthews - Eric Berry - Gresham - Hardesty Rooks Bradford - Hardesty(2) - Golden Tate...
  2. f8n4tune

    2010 SPA football welcome back break

    2 boxes from D&A , my first purchase in about a year and a half or so. UD is still pretty dumb , hits were in the middle row. Rookies: Kyle Williams,Garret Graham,Snead,Pitta,Moeaki,Sharpton,Byham,Linval Joseph Rookie Auto: Jarrett Brown , Navorro Bowman , Riley Cooper, SOTT's Gronkowski And...
  3. f8n4tune

    New Presidential Candidate... It's someone we know!

    There's an effort to elect an unknown random person as President... and it's someone we know! Watch this online video about the surprising new nominee:
  4. f8n4tune

    Pretty funny

    Bad Link :(
  5. f8n4tune

    Offering this Maroney here first

    $125 includes DC & Shipping. If not gonna throw it on the bay , would rather only pay one fee if you know what I mean. Blue jersey w/white name plate patch #'d 262/999 , fair offer and it's yours.
  6. f8n4tune

    TVLinks is down but.............

    Remember awhile back someone had posted the link for that site that shows movies and stuff and it's been down about a month. Well here is another one......... Somebody on the HBO message board posted it , it's got some decent stuff and is...
  7. f8n4tune

    Need some IE7 help

    I need an old password for a site that is stored in my IE but I can't find where you go to retrieve saved passwords :doh: I thought if I put my user name in it would auto it but it didn't. Been using Firefox too long , can anyone help me ? Thanks.
  8. f8n4tune

    Going on record before it starts !

    Going to be away from the cpu , so here it is.................................... NY Giants 23 - Green Bay Packers 20 - Overtime - Eli Manning POG San Diego Chargers 31 - New England Patriots 24 - Luis Castillo - POG "I'm not playing for San Diego" vs "Shut up and look at the...
  9. f8n4tune

    Just inherited a bad football keeper team

    Been trying to get a team in this league for two yrs now. It's 4 keepers , 12 teams , usual scoring 4pts td QB 1pt 25 yds , 1pt every 10yds for RB/WR. Here's the dilemma , not any good players on the roster. I picked up Michael Bush(figured if Fargas could get those kinda yds what a monster he...
  10. f8n4tune

    $9.99 Retail box of R&S

    5 packs a box , looks like all the companies are starting to actually put something in the retail boxes instead of just Topps. Got a Sidney Rice Dress For Success Shoe /55 , not bad for 5 packs.
  11. f8n4tune

    Post your SURPRISE Superbowl winner this year

    ONLY YOUR SURPRISE PICK ! Just curious on everyones mindset in this matter , I mean we all probably think the Patriots are going but i'm looking for that pick that you really think would surprise and actually is a possibility. With that being said................ Jacksonville Jaguars...
  12. f8n4tune

    Crime does NOT pay at least for this guy.

    All I can say is OUCH ! Heard about this on the Colin Cowheard show this morning so I decided to look it up.
  13. f8n4tune

    Want to know how that 1/1 you pulled got messed up ?

    Watch & listen to this video. UD = :ban:
  14. f8n4tune

    Check Your Mailbox - Maroney Has Arrived

    Got mine today , and they did me right this time and didn't send me a single colored swatch like I thought I would get. Don't collect him but I pulled this so I wanted to at least hold it. :lol:
  15. f8n4tune

    Thanks Lonnie !

    Elan sent me a grip of Raider cards and some nice Tim Brown ones too :cheers: Old school guys and new ones too. Thanks bro , no scanner anymore(not compatible with Vista , F microsoft).
  16. f8n4tune

    funny ish , Kelly don't read this.............

    Somebody on the BMB posted this site , thought some folks would like a laugh.
  17. f8n4tune

    Topps Chrome blaster and a funny question

    First off the highlights.......... Rookie Refractors Alan Branch Dwayne Bowe Blue Refractor Matt Jones Rookies Adrian Peterson Chris Henry Dallas Baker Charles Johnson Various Inserts LT Brees Gould Reggie Wayne Steve Smith VY And 3 Favres one numbered Refractor...
  18. f8n4tune

    Not because of his cards................

    But this guy is who I thought he was :clap: Same OL , same coach , same messed up bad choice as last years #1 pick that everyone thought should be Reggie Bush (who btw wouldn't have made a difference for them last year) , guy looks NOTHING like David Carr did when he wore that jersey...
  19. f8n4tune

    Lefty is a goner

    Looks like the statue is done...........................
  20. f8n4tune

    Need 2007 Topps Rookie Fantasy Challenge cards

    Rookie Fantasy Challenge cards they're not using ? If you do and don't want them please PM me. Thanks. Sorry if this is the wrong forum wasn't sure if this is a trade request or what.