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  1. bamasa37sb34

    $225 VERY WELL Spent

    Dude.... you are updating us on a flip from March? Really?
  2. bamasa37sb34

    Some cards from Kenny

    Verb pronoun noun
  3. bamasa37sb34

    Some cards from Kenny

    Riley Cooper SPA RC Auto Luke Stocker Elite RC Auto Jacoby Jones Magic Auto Marc Mariani Donruss RC Auto Thanks man :cheers:
  4. bamasa37sb34

    Added another Bo to the collection w/ help form Fudge!

    Sweet card, glad everything worked out for you to get that :salut:
  5. bamasa37sb34

    Where the hell is Fudge?

  6. bamasa37sb34

    Brian Wilson at the ESPYs

    Fuckin right he is!
  7. bamasa37sb34

    if ebay werent buyer slanted

  8. bamasa37sb34

    Starting a band

    I got it...... woooooooo for puns!
  9. bamasa37sb34

    Can you watch this without laughing?

    That was awesome! :hitit:
  10. bamasa37sb34

    Any Tulsa-Based TCG'ers? Looking for stuff to do on a date

    His best advice for "dating" would be: + =
  11. bamasa37sb34

    Any Tulsa-Based TCG'ers? Looking for stuff to do on a date

    This is a card site, which according to my calculations would be literally the worst place in the history of the universe to ask for dating advice :salut:
  12. bamasa37sb34

    And boom goes the dynamite! (Link is NSFW)

    Needs some :afro:
  13. bamasa37sb34

    Thashers heading to Winnipeg

    Preds are a team whose name is getting kicked around for a move. I'd welcome it mostly (though, I would hate playing some of our "old time" rivals less)
  14. bamasa37sb34

    i 'lost' a paypal case

    For example: bitch to someone about bitching about under $2 on the phone :love:
  15. bamasa37sb34

    Anyone know where I can buy new shoes?

    Plmk, kthxbye :run:
  16. bamasa37sb34

    I can watch this for hours...

    For starters: Skinny nose Legs disproportionally long with rest of body Ill-advised fashion choices Questionable eyes (too close together)
  17. bamasa37sb34

    Absolutely horrible joke.....

    Cletus is passing by Billy Bob’s Elmira hay barn one day when through a gap in the door, he sees Billy Bob doing a slow and sensual striptease in front of an old green John Deere. Buttocks clenched, he performs a slow pirouette, and gently slides off first the right strap of his overalls...
  18. bamasa37sb34

    Crazy woman or a Wild Animal? You decide.

    Wild animal..... IN BED!
  19. bamasa37sb34

    Jason just went batshit crazy...

    I wish I still had all my old ones :(
  20. bamasa37sb34

    Jason just went batshit crazy...

    HOLY SHIT! Weekly World News still exists?!?!?!