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  1. northcutt_fan

    Buying Jace Amaro

    The rarer the better. LMK !
  2. northcutt_fan

    Buying Mathew Dumba, Coyle, Granlund, Brodin

    More geared toward Dumba, as that's the main hockey PC, but would consider Charlie Coyle, Mikael Granlund or Jonas Brodin cards as well. Scans & prices would be helpful ! - Amish.
  3. northcutt_fan

    Buying Michael Egnew

    Don't want to be redirected to some site to try to find a card. Just post what you've got here and a price. And, again, remember, it's Michael Egnew, not anyone of use. - Amish.
  4. northcutt_fan

    Joshua Michael Johnson

    I'll show a card a day, thus a reason for me to come back and post #'d 7/25, my daughter's birthday.
  5. northcutt_fan

    Anyone got any Josh Johnson cards / stuff ?

    LMK. Looking to buy. Rarer the better. - Dave.
  6. northcutt_fan

    The end is near ...

    ... if you're allowing me on here. Amish w/a computer. Or something like that. Been around online for ages. I've known Bud, Kelly & Jason for nearly 15 years I believe. All started on Beckett Buy / Sell / Trade, then the Beckett Message Boards then the hiatus until Collector Planet formed...
  7. northcutt_fan

    Buying Titus Young ...

    Yes, you are reading that correctly :doh::pop::doh:
  8. northcutt_fan

    Baseball laughter It's worth your time ! :salut:
  9. northcutt_fan

    Jason, just for you ...
  10. northcutt_fan

    LA Tech, top 25

    Where's sexy Rexy ? :clap:
  11. northcutt_fan

    Week 5 GDT

    Not a lot of offense going on. RGIII hurt. Cousins in. Lonnie pooping. Benson / Raji hurt vs. Indy. Vick looking like shit. Get Kafka or Hoying or whoever they've got as a backup in there.
  12. northcutt_fan

    Week 4 GDT

    Chargers drubbing the Chefs Pats looking like shit vs. Buffalo Keller hurt in NYJ/SF game Harvin / Sherels KR & PR TD vs. Detroit, who looks like the Detroit of '08 again
  13. northcutt_fan

    Happy Birthday Redneck !

    Happy Birthday to our favorite PBR swillin' member, Mr. Stefan Fudge :dance: :drunk: :cheers: :study:
  14. northcutt_fan

    Week 3 GDT

    Joe Adams fucks up. Good. Karma from last years Arkansas / Vandy game where he laid out a PR who called fair catch or didn't have the ball and sent him to the hospital. Andre Brown. Yay ... :cheers:
  15. northcutt_fan

    List your Andre Brown's IMMEDIATELY !!!

    This is your sliqwill flipping opportunity, believe me. First time since '99 I'm selling on Feebay and doing rather well ... all thanks to Andre effing Brown ... :dance: x infinity
  16. northcutt_fan

    'White Whale' Josh McCown finally harpooned !!!

    Yes, it's Josh McCown. I started collecting him at the end of '03 / early '04, when his prices were their highest. I remember sending out a money order for $124 for his regular '02 SP Authentic auto patch /250. I was so stoked that I was getting the SPA because the '04 season would be 'his'...
  17. northcutt_fan

    I'm now living in the 21st century ...

    Wireless internet at the apt. :shock:
  18. northcutt_fan

    A few weeks worth of JJ's, inc. badass '12 Topps Tier One and a sick TTT triple patch

    Here's the last three weeks worth of stuff: #'d/300 #'d/740 #'d/50 #'d/50 #'d/9 #'d/25 #'d/25 Enjoy !!!
  19. northcutt_fan

    More mail ? An unripped Rip Card #'d/25 is the highlight

    Yesterday's excitement: [b]Copy #19 maybe ? I've gotta look today to see where I'm at with #'s of copies, lol :( #'d/50, 3rd copy Unripped Rip Card, #'d/25. 2nd copy Enjoy !!!
  20. northcutt_fan

    Sick quad auto #'d/10 plus a couple more

    Stuff that rolled in Saturday: 2nd I've seen (my brother has the 1st). #'d/10 4th copy, #'d/50 Enjoy !!!! :dance: :cheers: :dance: