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  1. oregonweim

    here you go Kenny...

    Hmmm maple bacon.... We are hitting this place next time Kenny...
  2. oregonweim

    Going to my first card show in 8 months tomorrow

    Driving over to Tri Star in San Fan in the am :salut:
  3. oregonweim

    Got summoned for Jury Duty in CT

  4. oregonweim

    Dog spent 6 hours at the emergency animal hospital

    last night, got home at 1 am, tired... short version is he is has an extremely distended stomach. he still hasn't eaten today but is drinking water... Have pain meds for him but he won't even eat the treats with peanut butter.
  5. oregonweim

    Going to be a long season....

    Mariners starting off slow :(
  6. oregonweim

    whats worse than being inside on a gorgeous day...

    while the NCAA tourney is on...... your friend texting you from spring training telling you how great it is. :lollol: Send me the pics when you can :D Do want to see them.
  7. oregonweim

    Big East 1-3 today..

    :pop: lucky not to be 0-4 :D :D :D
  8. oregonweim

    wow talk about down year.. the P10 tourney champs

    are 11 seeds :lollol:
  9. oregonweim

    Well, next year we get to see our future

    with Darron Thomas at the helm.... Thanks for being an idiot Masoli :doh:
  10. oregonweim

    bridesmaid twice tonight....

    finished 4th out of 12 in a $50 buy in, top 3 money game, and 3rd in an 8 man $20 top 2 money buy in.... :doh: :doh: :doh:
  11. oregonweim

    i've been up for 21 hours.... feel like Phil

    without all the WTW hos draped all over me.... :doh:
  12. oregonweim

    looking at houses online...

    :shifty: :pop: cheaper than porn.... :D
  13. oregonweim

    Puppy number 1 comes tomorow

    Father driving down from Oregon with my boy. Not sure status of #2, last communication was me telling xwifey she gave Kennedy to me and to send her out :D :D :D
  14. oregonweim

    Who is going to win the Daytona 500 tomorrow...

    I have money on Tony Stewart :pray:
  15. oregonweim

    Think i'll go to the sportsbook, get lunch

    and put a couple bucks on some college games today :D
  16. oregonweim

    tired of NBC's olympic coverage already...

    didn't take long.
  17. oregonweim

    Where was this commercial during the superbowl..

    Ygn3NAGzD74 spit up on my pc
  18. oregonweim

    Stoked for the Winter Olympics

    alwyas have loved watching a lot of the winter sports :D
  19. oregonweim

    If the NBA throws an all star game...

    does anyone care.... :D
  20. oregonweim


    Wife was supposed to send me my princess (aka Kennedy) next month, now she doesn't want to.... :ban: :ban: :ban: :ban: