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  1. JoeyV

    Good deal or what? :roflmao:
  2. JoeyV

    Dad sells son's 90-dollar video game online for more than 9000

    video game online for more than 9000 Sun Dec 16, 1:37 AM ET MONTREAL (AFP) - After catching his 15-year-old smoking pot, a father sold the hard-to-get "Guitar Hero III" video game he bought his son for 90 dollars for Christmas at an online auction, fetching 9,000 dollars. The sale...
  3. JoeyV

    Interesting website for a "new america" Well this guy made this website and claims if you qualify that you can run for office and this website will pay all the expenses. I would like to see some normal working class people in Congress. Who knows if it will work but its a novel idea.
  4. JoeyV

    What am I missing? Emeralds are #/5 This one is stamped 1/1 on the back?:scratch:
  5. JoeyV

    So this guy on SCF

    has about 15 of the Favre Inserts I need. I ask him how much and this is the reply I get...... $85 and i'll pay for shipping. bob :roflmao::roflmao: He will pay the shipping:roflmao:
  6. JoeyV

    Need some Saints Base

    My mom got back into teaching after she retired a few years ago. She is teaching 4th graders and I gave her about 1000 base Saints cards. Well the kids loved them and she is asking for more. Ill trade whatever I have in your team for Saints base.
  7. JoeyV

    NPN Success

    NPN Success Roy Williams Chain Reaction Jersey #/175 Playoff Prestige League Leaders Quad Insert, Wayne, Johnson, harrison, WIlliams :clap::clap:
  8. JoeyV

    Good News for Zeeck

    Brian, Peirre Thomas is having an autograph signing down here on the 4th of December. I have to work but I will try to make my wife go. After seeing the circus at the Drew Brees signing I might have a bit of trouble. I will let you know if I go and pick you up something. The autos are...
  9. JoeyV

    Painful listing day for me :(

    Listed a lot of my PC. Baugh Auto, Bradshaw, Montana, Barry Sanders...
  10. JoeyV

    Freebies from Matt, Ebay Lot and NPN Baseball

    I won this lot on ebay for good price. The baseball card was an NPN from Co-Signers baseball. I know nothing about baseball cards but i figured I would try. Its just a numbered insert with JJ Putz and Felix Hernandez. It will be a freebie eventually. These were hookups from Mr. Matt...
  11. JoeyV

    Live Break of Finest

    I bought a box of Finest and a mini of Press Pass Legends b/c I love college cards. Ill break the legends real quick then start the Finest when I get a reply.
  12. JoeyV

    Freebies from Nate and Jered

    They also sent a bunch of Faver inserts for me. Thanks a bunch guys
  13. JoeyV

    UF walk-on Guilford dies in motorcycle accident

    UF walk-on Guilford dies in motorcycle accident Oct. 12, 2007 wire reports GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- A walk-on defensive back for the Florida Gators was killed early Friday when the motorcycle he was driving hit a median at a high rate of speed, police...
  14. JoeyV

    I need the Topps Chrome Favre Inserts

    Title says it all. lmk what ya got.
  15. JoeyV

    Are you fast enough?

    To phograph Superman?
  16. JoeyV

    7 more Zip Codes to get packages

    These were mailed today: 37211 37167 94546 90502 46208 80538 43040 Enjoy:cheers:
  17. JoeyV

    rexy PSA submission mail

    Plus a Stephen Peterman rookie...(LSU collectors whale) Kevin Faulk TX Ticket Auto Rohan Davey SPA Patch Claude Wroten Mirror Emerald got these for under $10 DLVD. (very happy with that)
  18. JoeyV

    Congrats Zeeck

    Your team is looking like it will be in a bowl game this year:salut:
  19. JoeyV

    Saints vs Titans

    Since I have barely over 200 Ill bet 200 on the Saints:D anyone want the Titans?
  20. JoeyV

    Need opinions on this ebay situation

    I bought a card from "tammymylove" about a week ago. Well I paid $2.99 for shipping and the card came in the plain white envelope with a stamp on it. Ill leave negative for anyone I could care less if they leave them for me. Well today I check and "tammymylove" left negative feedback and I...