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    Media Gallery

    Love the layout of the site. Missed being here, but plan on being back full time now
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    NCAA Playoff Proposal

    and just like that... BAM!... it was over for the Spartans... Congrats to the Ducks!
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    NCAA Playoff Proposal

    It's crazy... Michigan State was picked to have a good year... wasn't even considered "decent". Hoping a delay at the airport will keep MSU from showing up to the Bowl. I'm afraid it will be another disappointing game for the Spartans.
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    NCAA Playoff Proposal

    not sure that's a good thing... making the playoffs 8 teams seems okay, but once you start allowing everyone, it gets a little crazy. one of the problems I've always had with NCAA Basketball Playoffs is... a team with a losing record can win their conference championship... and receive an...
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    Football Got out my cards from 20+ years ago. Marino, Montana, Rice, Smith etc

    have never seen those... odd pieces, but nice!
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    Football Custom Made Rodney Peete - THANK YOU CamaroDMD

    Tim, I have a few, but not really a collector.. just thought it was neat to have a custom made card.
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    Have some Raiders...

    I have ZERO idea on values and been too hectic around here to check on eBay. Would like to see what interest there is on these... have many more Raider cards (Rookies, vintage, etc), but for now here are the autographs, game-used, mexican release, a ticket and just some vintage.
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    Football My Unusual Attachment to 1989 Topps

    keep it sealed! can only add to the value... other than that... I wouldn't mind seeing pics of the collection. I know it would take forever to take pics.. but maybe just a few from each?
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    Football Letter from Upper Deck to my dad...with a nice surprise...

    A few years back I picked up a Ken Stabler Raiders card for my dad, but didn't notice it had a swatch from his Oilers Days. Dad wrote a letter to Upper Deck and they replied...with a nice Dave Casper Autograph! Here's a picture of the letter and the two cards. Just thought I'd share...
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    Phill Schuber Removed - SPAMMER - Please read

    I belong to Sportscard Sammers Exposed (on FB).. the following member recently joined SCC, but has been removed. If you are working any deals with him.. beware! Phillip Schuber – aka; Phillscards, aka; Schuberphill, aka; Phil’s Cards – Scammer – (Douglasville, GA) – Removed from Damian Jay’s...
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    Sport Card boxes

    ...and a Pawn Shop will only give you somewhere around 5 - 15 percent of the true value.. if you are lucky.
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    Wolf card

    THANK YOU RON! The card was in the mail today... appreciate it very much. Guess it's my turn to "pay it forward"... will be doing that over the next few days.
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    Small goal accomplisehd!

    These "odd ball" cards are fantastic... I have been in love with wolves for years and when Tim started posting up his wolf cards I jumped in and starting doing it too.
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    Wolf card

    I'll send you a message...
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    Wolf card

    I'm interested...
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    My Custom Sports Card Creations

    wow.. nice.. love the "Boston Milwaukee Atlanta" on the cards!
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    Large & uncatalogued collection - how much? (bandwidth warning)

    you would really need to go through the boxes and pull the bigger names... and if you check eBay pricing, remember... "asking price" and "sold price" are two different things. If you do have a few higher priced cards I would recommend you put them in a penny sleeve and top loader to avoid...
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    Sealed packs, what are they worth?

    if you can get them for somewhere around 50 cents to 75 cents each it might not be a bad deal. I know some collectors would jump on them at $1.00 each, but chances are they are retail, and overall nothing special.