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  1. bamasa37sb34

    Some cards from Kenny

    Riley Cooper SPA RC Auto Luke Stocker Elite RC Auto Jacoby Jones Magic Auto Marc Mariani Donruss RC Auto Thanks man :cheers:
  2. bamasa37sb34

    Anyone know where I can buy new shoes?

    Plmk, kthxbye :run:
  3. bamasa37sb34

    Absolutely horrible joke.....

    Cletus is passing by Billy Bob’s Elmira hay barn one day when through a gap in the door, he sees Billy Bob doing a slow and sensual striptease in front of an old green John Deere. Buttocks clenched, he performs a slow pirouette, and gently slides off first the right strap of his overalls...
  4. bamasa37sb34

    Worst reason to transfer I've ever seen "It’s hot. I’m from Bradenton, but at least we get a breeze there, you know? This feels like you’re living in Satan’s crotchpit, and it’s only May. Also, I can’t stand live oaks. They’re the homeless man of trees. Just look at...
  5. bamasa37sb34

    Trying to sell my COMC port ($30K+ BV, 5K+ cards)

    I need moneyz. For stuff. So anyone wanna buy lots of cards?!?!?! bamafan2112's Cards - Inventory can be found here, if anyone is interested, slightly interested, or knows someone who may be interested, let me know :salut:
  6. bamasa37sb34

    Reopened my eBay store. Buy my crap.

    Buying beer ..... er..... "school supplies" .... is not cheap. But cards are. Buy them!
  7. bamasa37sb34

    Phil absolutely hates everyone here

    Or else he'd post :( Wonder where he is these days.........
  8. bamasa37sb34

    PBR and youtube don't mix too well....

    unless you like somehow discovering shit like this: h0YSBMH0A7w
  9. bamasa37sb34

    The next big thing in the frozen dairy treat industry :pukerr:
  10. bamasa37sb34

    Saw weirdest damn show tonight about addictions

    Things people were addicted to included: eating toilet paper eating couch cusions eating Ajax people are fucked up
  11. bamasa37sb34

    Who poisoned Toomer's corner? The suspects: Alabama fans - they put a Cam Newton jersey on a Coach Bryant statue. Also included a national championship bumper sticker and killed some grass in front of the stadium for it to read...
  12. bamasa37sb34

    Bonnaroo lineup announced.....

    Holy shit..... for the 10th year anniversary, this is what they come up with?
  13. bamasa37sb34

    Headline fail....

  14. bamasa37sb34

    Alabama's "Fax Cam Girl" deemed inappropriate by Mike Slive So an SEC school complained that Fax Cam Girl was inappropriate. Mike Slive actually called Mal Moore and bitched about it. Two thoughts: if you are watching Alabama's Fax...
  15. bamasa37sb34

    Been without a cell for 24 hours now

    I hate not having one....... :sigh:
  16. bamasa37sb34

    So long Coach Fisher He's all I've known as a Titans head coach. This is crushing the way everything has ended. :cry:
  17. bamasa37sb34

    Got some 'Bama cardboard in the mail today :shock:

    Wooooooooo! Nosebleed seats to watch Vandy absolutely destroy us. We haven't won at Vandy since 1990. Vandy is good. We suck.
  18. bamasa37sb34

    FB status of a friend:

    "About to extract my own wisdom tooth, wish me luck! ha " Wut?
  19. bamasa37sb34

    Cam Newton strongside/weakside,18754/