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    Have some Raiders...

    I have ZERO idea on values and been too hectic around here to check on eBay. Would like to see what interest there is on these... have many more Raider cards (Rookies, vintage, etc), but for now here are the autographs, game-used, mexican release, a ticket and just some vintage.
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    Football Letter from Upper Deck to my dad...with a nice surprise...

    A few years back I picked up a Ken Stabler Raiders card for my dad, but didn't notice it had a swatch from his Oilers Days. Dad wrote a letter to Upper Deck and they replied...with a nice Dave Casper Autograph! Here's a picture of the letter and the two cards. Just thought I'd share...
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    Phill Schuber Removed - SPAMMER - Please read

    I belong to Sportscard Sammers Exposed (on FB).. the following member recently joined SCC, but has been removed. If you are working any deals with him.. beware! Phillip Schuber – aka; Phillscards, aka; Schuberphill, aka; Phil’s Cards – Scammer – (Douglasville, GA) – Removed from Damian Jay’s...
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    Wrestling Videos and DVDs For Trade

    Wrestling Videos and DVDs for Trade (or sell, not sure what they go for...) Looking for NASCAR, baseball, hockey, or ??? (Autographs and memorabilia). My uncle picked these up for me and I stopped watching wrestling about 10 years ago... Would like to trade as a lot.
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    a few more assorted 2011 Topps Attax

    ...and if you are looking for a certain team let me know. have the cards broken down by team now... if you are looking for a player, please let me know which team so I can search that way... looking for NASCAR, Detroit Tigers (current) or ???
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    2011 Topps Attax FOIL cards

    Any interest in 2011 Topps Attax FOIL cards?
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    Racing 2018 Donruss Racing... A Bust?

    Looks like the 2018 product is out... Again, with this WARNING LABEL... three hits per box (ON AVERAGE)... so if you purchase a box and get one autograph and one race-used, don't be too upset. That means that someone has a box with FOUR hits in it (when you average it out)! Anyways, I will...
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    Mail Day 1/11/18... Walking Dead... Stan Lee

    pictures say it all. PC items!
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    Who will win Runner Up tonight?

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    Check in... just post a hello...

    Let's see who is actually visiting the site this weekend... Simply post a hello, or a card pic, or something... let's see!!!
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    Justin Verlander For Trade

    Verlander for Trade. Looking for NASCAR (2017/2018), Detroit Tigers (Current) and Detroit Lions (Current)... or ??? Would like to stay away from one-for-one trades.
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    Dale Earnhardt Jr Cards F/T

    Dale Earnhardt Jr Fans? Would like to trade, but would like to stay away from one-for-one trades. Will sell, but only as a lot.
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    Wanted: Low End 1909-1911 T206

    Just looking to pick up a few odd ball T206's (MUST be originals. NOT reprints) Have several card shows coming up and would like to add them to our display case. They don't have to be clean, but NOT looking for torn (bent is okay) or cards with corners missing. These older cards attract the...
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    Happy New Year!

    2017 was kicked to the curb! 2018 is here! Let's see some action on SCC!
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    Merry Christmas SCC!

    Wanting to wish a MERRY CHRISTMAS to the Sports Card Club Family!
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    I'm sorry... I cannot ship your package...

    Watching the scammer page (and reading stories on other pages and sites)... it occurred to me that I needed to have an excuse set up so if I wasn't able to send out packages, I could just copy, paste and post on the different pages and sites. Now, I'm pretty good at mailing out packages, but...
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    Another eBay laugh of the day... December 18

    Saw a thread on another site this past weekend... A buyer had questioned the seller as to the status of his package as the tracking number showed the package was out for delivery but NOT to the correct City/State. The seller responds with an oops, sent it to myself. now that's just down right...
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    Laugh of the Day from eBay

    Saw this posted on the Scammer Page. Card sold and obviously the buyer is suffering from "buyer's remorse", come on man, his comment says it all...
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    My "Deck The Howls" cards...

    Tim (Taliasen) has kindly blessed me over the last few years with some beautiful Wolf cards. Just wanted to show off a few of them. I must have close to 100 different wolf cards, but can't say for sure, as they are all laying around the Man Cave and I need to get them in binders!
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    A sad scammer story...

    There are several different "Report a scammer" groups on the internet (with a few on Facebook). Most of the time the group will ask for "proof", i.e. PMs, text messages, pictures, etc. Saw one group this weekend that had a pretty heated discussion, but here's the short of it... A member...