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  1. swany

    Baby #2 is on the way!!!

    Jeez man...first a trip to the Super this. Congrats!
  2. swany

    Back from the game

    I didn't think I was going to leave the stadium. We stood there for about 10 minutes just stunned. I have never heard that stadium so quiet in my life. And I give a ton of credit to the Giants fans that were there. The ones I ran into were great. No grandstanding after the game. Friendly...
  3. swany

    Back from the game was frickin cold. But if you are dressed appropriately, it isn't that bad. I couldn't feel my toes until I got home. If you didn't drink your beer quickly, you would be chipping away at the ice. As far as excitement goes, this was one of the best games I can remember attending. We...
  4. swany

    Top 5 Coldest Games in NFL History.

    Looks like game time temp. will be about 3, wind chill -9. Might get down to 1, wind chill is -11. Right now in GB...-12. Wind chill is -30.
  5. swany

    I can't wait anymore...

    Look for me on TV honey...I will be freezing my tookus off in the 21st row. :D
  6. swany

    So who all is an Illinois fan this week???

    Sorry...can't do it. :snooty:
  7. swany

    Pack vs. Skins

    The Pack isn't ready to play the Colts or Patriots right now...but like you said...with the weak NFC, they might have a chance at the Super Bowl this year.**Knock on wood**
  8. swany

    bears vs vikes

    Why teams don't break Hester's leg before the game is beyond me. That guy is one of, if not the, most dangerous weapon in the league right now.
  9. swany

    Pack vs. Skins

    An ugly win is better than a loss any day. Between Favre's moonballs he threw for INT's, no running game, and some questionable no calls (Bubba's TD rulled out of bounds after being pushed out, the phantom holding on Tauscher that cost us another TD when Kampann was being held 10 times worse all...
  10. swany

    Wisconsin/Penn State Pictures

    Those bums have lost two in a row now...the last one was a butt whoopin.
  11. swany

    Theresa made it

    Congrats Dave!
  12. swany


    Merry Frickin Christmas Bears fans.
  13. swany


    What a crappy call on the FG. Not only was it questionable if he was even "heads up" on the center, he didn't even tee off on him.
  14. swany

    Giants/Jets game thread.

    Game over. :D
  15. swany

    Trent Green is down....

    The weird thing was that it was a sissy block...turned his back, turned his head...but the guy's knee nailed him in the side of the head.
  16. swany

    Trent Green is down....

    I think it was a broken play...reverse to Ginn that went back and forth.
  17. swany

    A tree just fell on a Trojan

    We love the Tree
  18. swany

    What's worse than Wisconsin losing...

    I was surprised. Thought they could score some points against OSU.
  19. swany

    My NFL Top Ten List after week 4

    Hmmm...they have the 22nd ranked schedule. Not sure if that qualifies them for the top 10. ;) :D
  20. swany

    What's worse than Wisconsin losing... the FIB's? Zeeck texting me every time Illinois scores, while watching Indiana win, surrounded 40,000 IU fans. :doh: