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  1. onyxdragon5977

    Steven Jackson Collection

    Never mind, with the way I ahd this planned out, the image restrictions make it impossible to post. I'll figure out a better way, then dop it later. Can anyone tell me how to do this from PB?
  2. onyxdragon5977

    Would it be alright... post my entire collection here? I have a TON of stuff, but I want to show it off :)
  3. onyxdragon5977

    Set needs

    anyone need any Hot Prospects Red Hot from 2004? Have a lot incoming...
  4. onyxdragon5977

    Mail Day Holy patchy mail!!!

    Can't believe I get to add this patch to my collection!!! 2009 Absolute Absolute Patches #d 18/25 (did the whole flashlight verification on it, it's REAL.) Thanks for looking!
  5. onyxdragon5977

    Panini Rewards mail!

    got these for 650 points total! 2014 Panini Prizm Knowshon Moreno camo auto #d 05/20 (250 points) 2011 Panini Timeless Treasures Silver Austin Pettis #d 25/25 (400 points) PC Thanks for the look!
  6. onyxdragon5977

    Box Break 2 boxes Hot Rookies

    Got a hot pack that had all #d RC's in it, but the only one worth mentioning was a K. Benjamin Hot Rookies Blue. The only base RC worth mentioning... Derek Carr Base Here are the Jersey autos. Not bad... Gavin Escobar Jersey Auto Brock Osweiler Jersey Auto Kelvin Benjamin Artists Proof...
  7. onyxdragon5977

    A non-Jackson pickup, weird?

    A redemption that only took 3 weeks from redeeming to opening. First one I've seen anywhere... 2013 Select Prizm Le'Veon Bell auto jersey #d 29/99 Thanks for looking! NFT at the moment, unless it's for a Steven Jackson that I don't have :)
  8. onyxdragon5977

    Onyxdragon5977's rolling mail thread

    Haven't been on, personal reasons. But here are my most recent Jackson pickups! First off, ended up buying a collection off a guy when the wife and I got some money in. 2005 Ultimate Collection Holofoil #d 32/40 2005 Ultimate Collection Holofoil #d 33/40 2005 Ultimate Collection Auto #d...
  9. onyxdragon5977

    Never mind.

    Got this from Joey Vilardo on another site. And this bad mofo..
  10. onyxdragon5977

    Weekly mail call!

    First, a big THANK YOU to Bob (bottom9th) for these 2 which I did not have! 2010 Score Artist Proof #d 04/32 2010 Elite Status Die Cut #d 05/39 Then, a BO member named justcallmeJR sent me this beauty! 2012 National Treasures Pro Bowl Materials #d 25/49 Next, an eBay win. Got it for...
  11. onyxdragon5977

    Freebies galore + an eBay pickup!

    First off, a shout out to Mr Scott Brown, who sent me these! and this, which I did NOT have! Thank you! Next, a freebie from samiamryan, from BO! (Weird that I got a freebie from a BO member, even stranger? I have another from BO coming in!) And next is a freebie from Mike on TCZ. Said...
  12. onyxdragon5977

    Another nice mail week!

    First of all, I want to give a shout out to Andy! A birthday freebie mail day! For the kids: 2005 Exquisite Base #d 148/150 06 Leaf R&S and 07 Leaf R&S 06 Fleer Showcase and 06 UD Game Gear 07 Gridiron Gear Playbook #d 030/250 08 Bowman Sterling #d 187/389 Thank you Andy! And this one...
  13. onyxdragon5977

    Champ Ticket mail!

    2013 Steven Jackson Contenders Championship Ticket 1/1!!! Nuff said. :) Why is it telling me I have to enter a message with at least 100 characters? That's kinda ridiculous?
  14. onyxdragon5977

    A new Jackson in, it's a biggie for me!

    Trying for the 2005 Limited Master set. This was one of the bigger ones to cross off the list! This is my 5th Jackson/Dickerson dual :) Thanks for the look!
  15. onyxdragon5977

    A couple more in today...

    Tavon Austin Contenders RPS auto RC (for trade) Steven Jackson 2007 NT auto jersey patch #d 06/39 Thanks for looking. Will have a big one in a couple days!
  16. onyxdragon5977

    Another "Different" mail day...

    Got this for donating to the band. Also got their new album digital download 2 weeks early :)
  17. onyxdragon5977

    Niiiice mail day-UPS style

    Guess where I'm gonna be on the night of Easter? Woohoo!
  18. onyxdragon5977

    2 More Jacksons in today

    Got these for half their asking price. If anyone knows where I can find the Pro /10, PLEASE let me know! Trying for the Master set. Already have ALL the base /1, /25, /25 Hawaii, /50, /100, and /599 along with several of the autos. 2005 Leaf Limited Limited Threads Patch Auto #d 04/39...
  19. onyxdragon5977

    And yet, another Jax in today!

    2005 Leaf Limited Limited Threads At the Half auto patch #d 32/34 Thanks for looking gents!
  20. onyxdragon5977

    Small monthly mail call

    Here's my month of mail...good news, Steven Jackson is getting cheap! Bad news? Steven Jackson is getting cheap! Only took me about 2 weeks and some great friends to get these: Base and Refractor Orange and Xfractor Blue Wave Camo 107/499 Purple 440/499 Pink 162/399 Black 106/299...