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  1. JoeyV

    MYSTERY BOX - returned home

    I was wondering what the hell happened to my Delhomme jersey. Now I know.
  2. JoeyV

    Orange Bowl

  3. JoeyV

    ???Controversy???Split Title???

    For the record...In my thread on CP I posted a link to an article. It wasn't just my opinion. enjoy
  4. JoeyV

    ???Controversy???Split Title???

    I think USC is a good team but beating the crap out of Illinois proved nothing. They shouldn't have been in the Rose Bowl at all. I still think Deja Vu of a split title is very possible.
  5. JoeyV

    JoeyV freebies,A PC addition and a few pack pulls

    enjoy Doug:salut:
  6. JoeyV

    Great freebie day from Joey!!

    glad they made it
  7. JoeyV

    07 Bowman Chrome & Leaf Limited LIVE BREAK NOW!@

    Pm me on the Craig Davis Refractor and the Russell Rc
  8. JoeyV

    To everyone

  9. JoeyV

    Does Ohio State deserve......

    :pop: Waiting for Rex
  10. JoeyV

    Does Ohio State deserve......

    LSU also won their conference/conference championship game without their starting quarterback and without they star defensive player. I think they will be the same team that kicked the crap out of VT earlier in the year. After the layoff they should all be 100% healthy. Ohio St. sadly...
  11. JoeyV

    What do college players get for going to a bowl game?

    :salut: For Bounty's Sig :salut:
  12. JoeyV

    Just Got Back from ????

    Go to hell :ban:
  13. JoeyV

    TCG mailday and a sweet steal.

    He once addressed a bubble to me as a: c/o Cajun Goat love prick
  14. JoeyV

    2 boxes of 07 Absolute Memorabilia retail

    Nice Meachem
  15. JoeyV

    National Health Care? :salut:
  16. JoeyV

    OK here is the breakdown...

    AP got me into my championship game:cheers: Come on $1k
  17. JoeyV

    Good deal or what? :roflmao:
  18. JoeyV

    Bought my mom Tetris for Christmas...

    With the games I still buy you have to do that. The most effective way is to put the game in and push it down then slide is side to side. That works better than blowing in them.
  19. JoeyV

    Another BIG mailday!!!

    This hobby is a healthier version of crack.