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  1. Indiana Jones

    My Class of 2021 Baseball HoF Collection

    I am so happy that I was able to obtain this collection on such a small budget! Collection:
  2. Indiana Jones

    Just some random recollecting....

    [Another Site; Aug 11 2005, 04:52 PM] (Answering a disgruntled collector who had no luck in chasing insert and superstar rookie cards through packs and boxes) You are NOT done. You've just experienced what many have. You worried more about future value than enjoying what you have now. Wrong...
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    It's been a long time since I first started collecting in the month of December 1991. I started out mainly collecting Cincinnati Bengals cards. Then in the next few years I expanded to basketball cards, mostly lower end Michael Jordan. Along came 1994. I kind of got frustrated trying to keep up...
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    Football Cincinnati Bengals

    Guess. It will probably be relatively quiet here until the season starts. WHO DEY!!!
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    A 3-card PC....

    What are the THREE single cards in your collection that would be the core of your collection that would represent you best? So far, I could only come up with two for myself: 1887 Allen & Ginter N27 King Kelly 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan RC
  6. Indiana Jones

    Ichiro - 2004 UD Vintage Stellar Signatures #/150

    Can anyone find the last (or last two or three) sale for this card? I'm not interested in BV. I just want to know the sale value average AND when the last one was sold. Thanx. Rob
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    Hey. :mellow: