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    Super Bowl contest - enter today

    I'll guess 340. Thank you very much!
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    Hey all here are some phins to show off.

    Great adds Justin!
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    hello...recent pickups

    I still paid over what I felt I should have on the Winslow. Basically I ran out of options as bigboyd had 5 of the 130 or so printed and they just don't come up very often. The Edwards, yes I agree completely!:dance: Sliq- I looked at Laserviews but the autos seem to be faded. Also, I did not...
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    hello...recent pickups

    Haven't been buying much at all but here is what I've purchased since March: For your viewing pleasure: My contenders pickups: I believe for the moment, I am caught up again on this project. Of course, Pete Carroll could fuck that up at any moment lol. Then these other...
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    new eBay fee

    I thought I read that it will only be a fee if the item had a bid.
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    It's 108 outside & no rain in 2 months

    In WA, it's been cloudy and a little damp so far. Every week we get a couple days in the low 70's with sun but for the most part, it's 60's and cloudy.
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    eBay Bucks - how was your quarter?

    $18.02. At the last minute, I signed up for some free trial which I'll close tomorrow. Thank goodness too because I badly overpaid on a card. thankfully the seller says 10 days to pay. Ebay bucks will show up on day 7. :cheers:
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    Pats claim Jake Ballard

    I think teams that do alot of two TE sets carry at least three. I know when the Seahawks were having tons of injuries up front, they were forced into two TE sets to protect and if I recall correctly, we were carrying four TE's.
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    sucks to hit the lottery

    I suppose if you were playing the lottery professionally it would be a bittersweet pill to swallow. For a person like me, who will MAYBE buy a ticket here and there, a buck or two isn't really all that significant. Hell, I can spend ten times that on snacks :lollol:
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    sucks to hit the lottery

    I'll split it with 40 people and would bitch in the slightest. Hell, even $37,500 would make a huge difference.
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    confused by eBay policy again

    they did that to me as well back in March. Funny thing was they let them run for 3 months prior.
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    OMG! OMG! I got MAIL!

    great pickup Aaron!
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    Finally April FREE LISTINGS Promo on EBAY

    frick lol. I had already changed all my fixed priced to auctions. Oh well, copy, paste, edit, now I have to wait a couple hours for Turbo lister to get through all the crap.
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    wonder what April brings from eBay

    I just closed my store at the end of March. It was amazing the amount of crap I was able to move. Now I'm going through what's left and getting Turbolister ready for the next non-store promo.