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    PWCC Restricted from Selling on eBay

    Agree. if im not mistaken the FBI got involved. BTW, hope you and the fam are well!
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    MLB Signs New Exclusive with Fanatics, Leaving Topps Out

    There's some big names behind fanatics now... It will definitely be interesting to see what happens.
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    PWCC Restricted from Selling on eBay

    I haven't been on ebay in while but this is great news. They were accused and proven guilty imho on B..O. In addition to the selling of trimmed cards the shilling was ridiculous. They were an awesome consignment shop but they let greed overshadow their integrity.
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    Just for Laughs

    Lol. Heck of a movie.
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    New here

    Hey Billy, Looking forward to seeing you around. What do you collect?
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    What kind of cards do you collect?

    I think I know who you are friend. If so I like to think I sent a few nice Steven Jackson's your way.
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    2020 National Sports Collectors Convention Postponed to December

    Its also on my bucket list. Im glad its on the east coast but I wont be gong unless I have a decent bankroll. Id hate to go with a small budget, so I wont be going for now. One day though.....
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    Welcome Members from The Bench

    Whats the latest news on that? Is the owner pulling a "Bob"? Is he selling? Or?
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    New member from the Bench site!

    I remember the Becket forums back in the day. Good times. I think I have around 10 years at the bench, so you have me beat, lol. Looking forward to seeing you around.
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    metsman1986 here....

    Welcome brother! Looking forward to seeing how the Mets do this season.
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    What is your White Whale

    2003 Upper Deck Exquisite Udonis Haslem Rookie Patch Auto
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    Ancient Coins

    Whatever you do DONT sell them at melt cost. They're beauties.
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    How many remember the old TCZ green?

    I remember the TCZ green. :) How about this throwback from 2013, lol.
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    SCC Updated

    The joints in my fingers feel weird and a little broken, lol. Im getting old.
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    Welcome Members from The Bench

    vBullentin use to be the forum CMS of choice once upon a time. I haven't been on their site in a while. Hopefully their doesn't pull a "Bob". I joined in 2009.