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    Football Aaron Hernandez...

    Not to mention renting a SUV and hiding it from possibly the other incident. Wonder if he reported it stolen or was still paying rental fees ? I grew up with dumb people but man this dude just wasn't wrapped to tight it seems.
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    Today's Carnage - 2010 Exquisite & Leaf Metal

    Holy heck ! very nice pull.
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    Game-used bat (big one too)

    Tori is always a signer even when he was a Twin. Good guy and congrats on the bat.
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    09 Exquisite case break, live in a bit

    :D Mitchell , McCoy and Curry are very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Topps Magic Football retail

    Call me insane but I actually like the look of the cards too. I think a lot of this stuff is way too busy but this has a nice basic look. Hell i'm maybe going to buy a hobby box for kicks now.
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    Topps Magic Football retail

    2 boxes , have to admit it was pretty fun. Took a look at the SP list and got 3 base. Not sure if the SP list runs for the mini's as well ? Auto's Derek Anderson - Bernard Berrian Rookie Stars Ryan Matthews - Eric Berry - Gresham - Hardesty Rooks Bradford - Hardesty(2) - Golden Tate...
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    Well....bought a Blaster of Topps Magic

    :clap: Makes me want to try.
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    2010 SPA football welcome back break

    WOW a start price that high........lmao I'd probably never get what either of them are worth because I haven't sold anything on my account in a year or so. :( Looking at the Bradford golds though have got me thinking. I was thisclose to being ungrateful for a second when I pulled it and...
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    2010 SPA football welcome back break

    And all those years I NEVER trusted D&A and never ever got anything serious from them even though i'd always buy from em. Have to admit I always think bad about these guys searching even still. :doh:
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    2010 SPA football welcome back break

    Thanks guys , that was scary after so long. Never ever had breaks like that back in the day..........lmao Hey DTown pm me your address and i'll send you the Williams.
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    2010 SPA football welcome back break

    2 boxes from D&A , my first purchase in about a year and a half or so. UD is still pretty dumb , hits were in the middle row. Rookies: Kyle Williams,Garret Graham,Snead,Pitta,Moeaki,Sharpton,Byham,Linval Joseph Rookie Auto: Jarrett Brown , Navorro Bowman , Riley Cooper, SOTT's Gronkowski And...
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    Ready for kickoff right now!!!

    This is just soooo wrong. Sorry Rex my uncle and a few other relatives are pretty down right now too.
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    early Christmas present from the wife -

    VERY nice case ! , can't say i've ever seen it at Ikea though. Now i'll have to look better next time in there. I need one of those bad.
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    Flipping is so easy!!!!

    :salut: Ok been away for awhile , wth is COMC ? Because that there is a nice lot ! EDIT: Ok nm just saw a post about the changes there and am headed to read it over.