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    Singer Prince dies

    That was a sad day for music. The guys talents were immense. Great song writer and guitar player.
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    2007-08 Exquisite Limited Logos 3 CLR Patch AUTO Kobe Bryant 50/50 1/1 BGS8.5 10

    I bet the price on this one jumped. However the market is flooded with Kobe signed memorabilia. This one though seems pretty rare with the jersey piece and all.
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    2011 Bowman Chrome Prospect Bryce Harper RC Rookie AUTO BGS 9.5 w/ (2) 10's

    Bryce will be worth something down the line. Guys a stud and he's from my city Las Vegas. Wouldn't mind getting him on the A's.
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    2012 2013 Panini Signature Basketball

    Penny Hardaway has to be at least worth a little more than a Tim Hardaway card. Maybe not though because he was playing on the knicks.
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    2014 National Treasures Andrew Wiggins ROOKIE RC AUTO PATCH /99 BGS 9.5 (PWCC)

    This card can't be worth much. Wiggins came in as an overrated player, and has been underachieving since. He is getting better though. I don't foresee him becoming someone that is noteworthy.
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    2012 National Treasures Kawhi Leonard ROOKIE RC AUTO PATCH /199 BGS 9.5 (PWCC)

    Another guy destined for the Hall of Fame. I think they just might take the Western Conference over the Warriors this year. If they do that, and win the championship there may be some added value to this card right here.
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    Aaron Hernandez Bowman Chrome Autograph 1/1 Rookie Card

    That's sad. It show's you how out of touch the guy was. He thought he was God's gift to the world. Signing and putting "rico suave" underneath it. How about you just put your name, and that it's. Now the only thing he is going to be signing is slips to get food out of the commissary.
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    eBay flooded with Calvin Johnson cards

    That's my brother's favorite player. He was sad to see him go, but guy wasn't able to produce like he used to. Would you call that the Barry Sanders curse? No championship, and quite possibly be one of the greatest of all time at your position. Two of the greatest just so happened to play for...
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    Is Manning's Stock Going Up?

    I don't have any Manning cards, but it would have been nice to had one from this last Superbowl season, his first championship, and his rookie year.
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    Sell or keep? - 90's basketball and baseball cards

    The only bad thing is the condition you're keeping them in. I have a bunch of boxes of cards sitting in a closet. Mostly 80's and 90's baseball and basketball. There is some late 70's mixed in there. Bad thing is I didn't keep them well protected and most of them have bent corners and some...
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    What's everyone looking for?

    They'll probably go back up you know how it goes in this game. It goes in waves. Once they're old enough they'll be worth a fortune if you hold onto them and preserve them. Just pass them down to your kids, and hope they take care of them to reap the benefits.
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    2014 National Treasures Colossal Anthony Davis AUTO NBA LOGOMAN 2/2 #ADA (PWCC)

    This one right here based off of a signed card of the previous season of Anthony Davis is probably worth a few hundred bucks. Since it is still relatively new. I like the design though. His signature is a little messy haha.
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    2008 Exquisite Collection Russell Westbrook RC AUTO PATCH /225 BGS 9.5 (PWCC)

    Is that a real piece of his Jersey? Where do you get all these cards? Or is this someone else's collection. Looks like you hit the jackpot with these ones.
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    2009 Timeless Treasure Stephen Curry ROOKIE RC AUTO LOGOMAN 1/1 PSA 10 (PWCC)

    That's awesome. When'd you get this one? I live in Northern California now, and I wish I could make it to a game at Oracle. I've found one of these cards, and it was going for 1700 dollars. That's without the autograph. This guys going to be a legend in the game when it's all said, and done...
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    2011 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper Auto RC BGS 9.5 10 Autograph Gem Mint w/10 Sub

    Nice one there. From what I could find it looks like that Bryce rookie card with the signature is going for between 1500-2000 dollars online. That's just in an Ebay auction price. He's up for a hell of a career, so if you can hold onto that it'll be worth quite a bit down the line.